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Tonight I had Baileys Chocolate Chip Cheesecake ice cream at J.P.Licks.

It's unclear how they managed to fit so many different delicious flavors into one type of ice cream. OM NOM NOM.
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True love blooms on the Obama economic team. Oh, Summers/Geithner.

oh beauty

Feb. 20th, 2009 04:53 am
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Rachel Getting Married is the most beautiful movie I've seen in a long time. It's incredibly sad, and at the same time so quietly sweet and hopeful.

I want to talk about how wonderful its portrayal of minor characters is, or the way it uses music, or how all the people and emotions in it are heartbreakingly real, but really, I can't do it justice. You should watch it. Now.
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So, the yesterday I was talking to Firestone and I made a joke about the homoerotic undertones in The Fountainhead. He was fairly surprised to hear about this, until I linked him to the Facebook group. There's a small but convincing list of quotes there, which inspired me to acquire an e-book and see what I could find.

After randomly turning to a page revealed a slashy exchange between Roark and Cameron, I was kind of inspired to reread the whole thing. But I ignored all the monologues and masturbatory posturing and focused, you know, the Objvectivist equivalent of the dirty bits. I have to say, I have a much better understanding at the age of twenty than I did when I was 15 of what Dominique meant she wanted Howard to conquer and overpower her and, you know, take her now!

So! For your amusement, a rather ridiculously long list of slashy quotes I found in The Fountainhead.

(What? At one point, Gail and Roark go on a cruise, pointedly leaving behind Gail's beautiful wife, and lounge around yacht naked admiring each other's bodies and professing their love. I am not making this shit up)

Roark/Cameron )

Roark/Keating )

Keating/Francon )

Keating/Toohey )

Roark/Mallory )

Roark/Heller )

Roark/Wynand )

Gas Taxes

Jan. 9th, 2009 10:15 am
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Seriously, what a cutie.
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The internets think I'm 85% male.

:/ I blame the economist.
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I'm so glad I have a brother!
Fahad: my friend here tried to take my eyes out once, and i let him.
Fahad: and he got freaked out
Sharmin: what???
Fahad: he just made movements to suggest he was going to rip out my eyes and i didn't move.
me: oh. i see
Fahad: i was like, oh, you can have them for a while
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So, I was facebook stalking a friend of mine, and I noticed something amusing about his favorite books...
Me: is atlas shrugged seriously one of your favorite books?
Him: probably not
Him: that list has been the same for quite a while
Him: but, my girlfriend already made fun of it
Him: so i can't change it now
Oh, boys.
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Eric and I were speculating about how certain living groups get to be particularly incestuous...
Eric Liu: close quarters leads to relationships apparently
Sharmin: it seems to be convenient, i guess
Eric Liu: :p
Eric Liu: it's true
Eric Liu: i mean it seems natural that if you spend a lot of time with a particular group of people
Eric Liu: the rate of relationships & turnovers should increase
Sharmin: hahaha
Eric Liu: much like gas dynamics
Eric Liu: higher density, more collisions...
Sharmin: it's true
Eric Liu: which goes back to my theory that life is mostly fluid mechanics :)

The Master

Nov. 20th, 2008 06:50 pm
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Stephen Colbert interviews Paul Simon (<3!)
Colbert: If you were going to write, like, a protest folk song now about the credit crisis, could you... Do you think you could rhyme "credit default swap"? Or "negotiable"?
Simon: Unsociable.
Colbert: Ooh, that's not bad! You are the master.
SO MUCH LOVE (it's at 15:33). There's also Stephen's beef about some of Paul Simon's lyrics, like what was Julio doing down by the schoolyard anyway?


Nov. 14th, 2008 03:59 pm
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I checked my mail today! (my irl mail)
Guess what I got while I was in England?

EEEEE a real letter from Steffi. It has ILLUSTRATIONS and everything and it's written on lovely paper and and it's ever so pretty and ALL MINE

[ profile] steffi_sy 

Only now I really want hot chocolate.
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But seriously, this is epic fail.
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Greg Mankiw linked to this, guys. SO MUCH <3
(no srsly. checks it out)
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Apparently, I think monetary policy is super exciting. I even went to Macroeconomics lecture for the second time in my life. It was pretty cool.

Is this normal? Possibly I'm in the wrong field. :/

Somewhat but not really related- you know the tax system is too complicated when politicians AND lawyers can't do it correctly. PALIN TAX FAIL.
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So, this weekend when we were in New York for debate, we met up with Adam's parents for dinner. Adam's mother, being the kind of person who believes that the way to a person's heart is through baked goods, baked us a honey cake for Rosh Hashanah (Jew food for the Jewish New Year for the uninformed). Unfortunately when we were driving back to Boston we discovered that we lacked a knife to cut the cake, so the honey cake will go uneaten until our Tuesday debate meeting. So when Adam was dropping me off at my dorm...
Adam: Well call me tomorrow when you wake up. We'll see if we can do something together.
Sharmin: We still haven't eaten the cake! It'll go bad :(
Adam: Are you crazy? Those things last forever!
Sharmin: Ok then. waves Bye, honey cake!
Adam: Bye!
Sharmin: ... I was talking to the cake.
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(If you are at all a BSG fan, check out the link for more awesome than you can handle)
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I'm so glad that my brother is here! Two samples of his ridiculousness for yall:

Sharmin: I'm full.
Fahad: Oh really? Do you have a small stomach?
Sharmin: Yeah.
Fahad: Weak! Does Adam eat a lot?
Sharmin: Yeah, so much oh my god... he never stops eating.
Fahad: Good! Except, he eats vegetables, doesn't he? Oh no, he'll turn into a plant!
Fahad: Does he have a favorite plant? I think when I'm at college I'll go buy a plant and label it Adam. I'll tell people, "That's my sister's boyfriend. He ate so many vegetables he turned into a plant."

Sharmin: You need to name Adam's iPhone. I promised him that if he got a black one I'd give it a manly name.
Fahad: Did he get a black one?
Sharmin: Yeah.
Fahad: What other colors are there?
Sharmin: White. His MacBook is white, so I named it Tinkerbell. But his iPhone needs a manly name.
Fahad: Hm....
[several inexplicable suggestions later]
Fahad: Maybe you should name it Manly. Or! Mr. Manley! [After Fahad's old physics teacher.]
Sharmin: Does that have an e in it?
Fahad: I don't know... I'll check Facebook, he messaged me. I think it does.
Sharmin: I don't think Adam will like that name.
Fahad: It's ok. I don't care what he names it, now I'll always call it Mister Manley. With Mister spelled out. So when I see Adam, I'll say, "Hey Adam, get Mister Manley out of your pocket!".
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Amanda Palmer's cover of "I Google You" courtesy Neil Gaimain:

Lyrics )
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from [ profile] tdj...

E.coli is awesome and evolves to eat citrate! Also, gotta love the petri stacking video. Go forth! Witness evolution!


Aug. 4th, 2008 06:43 pm
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After I told Adam that I think a girl I know dates in the self destructive way that she does because she needs male validation, he responded with:
I'm amused by the mental connections I have with "validation":
    1) parking tickets
    2) train tickets
    3) new Ruby on Rails objects that may or may not be created

My boyfriend is so dorktastic.


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