Jul. 10th, 2010 06:36 am
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Poor Firestone!
Daniel: ok i'm down to boxers but it's still hot. i dunno wat to do
Sharmin: i'm sorry. put a bucket of ice on your head.
Daniel: i ate all the ice.
Sharmin: LOL
Daniel: no srsly there's more freezing now. i ate it all.
Daniel: it's a true statement. i'm missing the humor
Daniel: i took both of the ice trays and ate all the ice

Apparently, Seattle is hot in the summer?


Feb. 18th, 2010 12:31 pm
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There's some horrible stomach flu going around at tEP, Adam's fraternity, so I text him everyday to make sure he's avoiding his brothers and still alive.
Sharmin: are you still alive? 9:41 PM
Adam : Yeah 9:42 PM
Sharmin: maybe you should poke yourself in the tummy to make sure since i'm not around to do it 9:42 PM
Adam : ? 9:48 PM
Sharmin: if you wriggle, you're alive. otherwise you're probably dead! or a zombie!!!! 9:49 PM
Sharmin: hm sounds like you discovered you're a zombie and don't want to tell me. as long as you don't eat me or give me prion disease i'll still love you? 9:55 PM
Sharmin: i don't know what that is but i'm scared. <3??? 11:41 PM
Adam : That was my zombie impression. I'm fine now 11:42 PM
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Fahad:  oh, i found an apartment today!
Fahad:  which we'll probably live in next year
Fahad:  i did one of those newspaper searches where i circled ads in the news and called them all
Sharmin:  hahahhahahaha
Sharmin:  really? wow
Fahad:  i felt like i was in the movies
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About a year ago, Adam was pretty adamant about not shaving. (I'm so unintentionally witty). His sister and I were complaining about his lack of sense:
Sharmin:  i should have adopted a more lysistrata-like approach
Sharmin: i think i threatened to stop kissing him but never followed through
Hannah:  ah ah tmi
Sharmin :  SORRY
Hannah:  my brother and i are like bill clinton and the military
Hannah:  the gay military
Later, she pointed out:
Hannah:  i just like to think of adam as a sexless object
Hannah: gender-neutral, if you will
Sharmin :  hahahah
Hannah:  i mean sure he plays "sports" but not manly sports
Sharmin :  its true!
(He fences, plays golf and tennis, and likes to bike far away on his road bike. But not with no handlebars.)

Pet Peeves

Aug. 13th, 2009 01:26 am
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People who pronounce Pakistan with nasal a's.
Daniel:  if it wasn't for some combination of you and obama
Daniel: i'd never think about it
Sharmin:  lol
Daniel:  instead, it just sort of sounds weird when i say it
Daniel: but only after it's come out
Daniel: and i've thought about it
Despite finding it horrifying that he continues to do it, I'm honored to be in such exalted company.
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Firestone was telling me about different charedi subgroups...
Daniel: the lubavitcher rebbe was chabad's longtime figurehead
Daniel: who they worshiped as a messiah
Sharmin: oh. what is a rebbe?
Sharmin: is it like a rabbi?
Sharmin: only
Sharmin: lolcat
Daniel: yes but it's more, besides adding lolcat
Sharmin: hahaha
Daniel: it's like, general leader
Daniel: it originated as an integrated political/religious community leader in the shtetls
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An amusing feature of Westin hotels led to this conversation...
Sharmin:  alsoooo
Sharmin: exciting thing!!!!
Sharmin: the showers at westin hotels have two shower heads. it makes no sense
Eric:  ...
Sharmin:  unless they were anticipating you having a shower with a smaller friend
Eric:  er... how are these heads arranged
Eric:  wtf??
Sharmin:  you can have them on different settings?
Eric:  i will ask OT [Anandtech Off Topic Forum]
Eric: this question needs resolution
Sharmin:  did you ask ATOT?
Eric:  yes
Eric:  omg
Eric:  you can chat live with a retail concierge
Eric:  we could ask them what it's for!
Sharmin:  are you going to ask???
Eric:  OR
Eric:  we could tell them that we accidentally the shower head and we need help NAO
Sharmin:  hahahahahahaha
Go read the "I accidentatly __, the whole thing" links if you're not familiar with the meme. :) Also, you can buy the shower heads!
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Linda: also, do you want anything from ca?
Linda: i feel silly flying across the country empty handed
Sharmin: hm
Sharmin: what can one get in ca that one can't get from amazon...
Linda: hahah
Linda: me! :)
Sharmin: it's TRUEEE :(
Sharmin: why aren't you on amazon
Linda: :(
Sharmin: i would pay for 2 day shipping for you
Linda: haha
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This was brought on by the terrible quality of the piano app on Microsoft Surface, and how much Firestone would prefer to write a new one rather than doing whatever silly things he is doing for Microsoft right now:
Firestone: you had some piano experience once right?
Firestone: good for education of young children
Sharmin: ages ago, when i was small. i gave up quickly...preferred reading, never practiced
Firestone: haha shame. it used to be in the 19th century that if a lady was to get anywhere in society, she needed to have reasonable piano skills
Sharmin: yes. these days, fellatio is an acceptable alternative
Firestone: i feel like these should not be mutually exclusive. both should be requirements
Sharmin: hahaha
Firestone: though for whatever reason, even if the woman got really good she was rarely allowed to perform in public. it was supposed to be a service for her husband
OH ALSO, back in Cambridge tomorrow!
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My brother and I were sitting in our hotel room in Hong Kong, while my mother was attempting to cut her toenails next door. Sadly, she broke the nail cutter. The following conversation ensued:

Sharmin: examining hands Oh nails! You are so short; I wish you'd stay this small forever.
Fahad: Yeah, my nails are pretty short too.
Sharmin: You know, I used to always be confused when parents said that about their children. But now I know what they mean.
Fahad: They want their children to stay small or they'll have to cut them!
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I'm so glad I have a brother!
Fahad: my friend here tried to take my eyes out once, and i let him.
Fahad: and he got freaked out
Sharmin: what???
Fahad: he just made movements to suggest he was going to rip out my eyes and i didn't move.
me: oh. i see
Fahad: i was like, oh, you can have them for a while
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So, I was facebook stalking a friend of mine, and I noticed something amusing about his favorite books...
Me: is atlas shrugged seriously one of your favorite books?
Him: probably not
Him: that list has been the same for quite a while
Him: but, my girlfriend already made fun of it
Him: so i can't change it now
Oh, boys.
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Eric and I were speculating about how certain living groups get to be particularly incestuous...
Eric Liu: close quarters leads to relationships apparently
Sharmin: it seems to be convenient, i guess
Eric Liu: :p
Eric Liu: it's true
Eric Liu: i mean it seems natural that if you spend a lot of time with a particular group of people
Eric Liu: the rate of relationships & turnovers should increase
Sharmin: hahaha
Eric Liu: much like gas dynamics
Eric Liu: higher density, more collisions...
Sharmin: it's true
Eric Liu: which goes back to my theory that life is mostly fluid mechanics :)
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So, this weekend when we were in New York for debate, we met up with Adam's parents for dinner. Adam's mother, being the kind of person who believes that the way to a person's heart is through baked goods, baked us a honey cake for Rosh Hashanah (Jew food for the Jewish New Year for the uninformed). Unfortunately when we were driving back to Boston we discovered that we lacked a knife to cut the cake, so the honey cake will go uneaten until our Tuesday debate meeting. So when Adam was dropping me off at my dorm...
Adam: Well call me tomorrow when you wake up. We'll see if we can do something together.
Sharmin: We still haven't eaten the cake! It'll go bad :(
Adam: Are you crazy? Those things last forever!
Sharmin: Ok then. waves Bye, honey cake!
Adam: Bye!
Sharmin: ... I was talking to the cake.
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I'm so glad that my brother is here! Two samples of his ridiculousness for yall:

Sharmin: I'm full.
Fahad: Oh really? Do you have a small stomach?
Sharmin: Yeah.
Fahad: Weak! Does Adam eat a lot?
Sharmin: Yeah, so much oh my god... he never stops eating.
Fahad: Good! Except, he eats vegetables, doesn't he? Oh no, he'll turn into a plant!
Fahad: Does he have a favorite plant? I think when I'm at college I'll go buy a plant and label it Adam. I'll tell people, "That's my sister's boyfriend. He ate so many vegetables he turned into a plant."

Sharmin: You need to name Adam's iPhone. I promised him that if he got a black one I'd give it a manly name.
Fahad: Did he get a black one?
Sharmin: Yeah.
Fahad: What other colors are there?
Sharmin: White. His MacBook is white, so I named it Tinkerbell. But his iPhone needs a manly name.
Fahad: Hm....
[several inexplicable suggestions later]
Fahad: Maybe you should name it Manly. Or! Mr. Manley! [After Fahad's old physics teacher.]
Sharmin: Does that have an e in it?
Fahad: I don't know... I'll check Facebook, he messaged me. I think it does.
Sharmin: I don't think Adam will like that name.
Fahad: It's ok. I don't care what he names it, now I'll always call it Mister Manley. With Mister spelled out. So when I see Adam, I'll say, "Hey Adam, get Mister Manley out of your pocket!".


Aug. 4th, 2008 06:43 pm
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After I told Adam that I think a girl I know dates in the self destructive way that she does because she needs male validation, he responded with:
I'm amused by the mental connections I have with "validation":
    1) parking tickets
    2) train tickets
    3) new Ruby on Rails objects that may or may not be created

My boyfriend is so dorktastic.

Oh life

Jul. 23rd, 2008 01:39 am
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Via text message, while Adam cavorts about at OSCon, and listens to Damien Conway talk about cool things-

Sharmin: I want to put you in a box and draw hearts around you, but I don't know where I'll find a box big enough.
Adam: Costco.
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David Brown is <3:

David Brown: Sometimes, I think my foray into writing is doomed
David Brown: like this sentence:
David Brown: Sincerely the door moved a couple of centimeters touching upon a latch
David Brown: it doesn't make any sense. Yet i wrote it
Sharmin: LOL
Sharmin: it's pretty absurd
David Brown: i know
Sharmin: anthropomorphic doors
Sharmin: tenderly touching latches
David Brown: it's like two sentences I was writing had sex and out popped their deformed freak-baby


Nov. 17th, 2007 01:12 am
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In a discussion about our freshmen and whether lolcat is overrated:

Eric:Apparently those two [Tom and Fred] browse 4chan.
Sharmin: What! I don't understand 4chan. What is it's purpose?
Eric: I think you have to be on 4chan to understand 4chan.
Sharmin: I mean, I know it's a forum, but what the fuck does it do? Is it just a random entirely inexplicable part of the internet?
Eric: So, it's like this. If AnandTech is of order epsilon, then 4chan is of order epsilon squared. So... [waves hands] you just neglect! Unless you're one of those terms that hangs out at epsilon squared, like those two.
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So, this post is going to consist of an awesome thing my math lecturer said today. There are two versions of the introduction- one for people who have knowledge of Linear Algebra, and one for those who don't. (Incidentally, this is the lecturer that claims he was "was almost as adorable [at the age of three] as I am now, hard as that may be to believe.")

Math Heavy Intro:

So we're learning about infinite dimensional vector spaces in linear algebra (as opposed to finite dimension vector spaces like lines and planes through the origin), and one example that came up in class was the vector space of all real functions defined on x=0 to x=1 such that f(0)=f(1)=0. We defined f(x).g(x) as the integral of f(x)g(x) over this interval, and then started talking about how the dot product is only zero if f(x) is zero, but then came up with a counterexample of f(x)=0 except for at a single point, where it was non-zero. At this point we decided to exclude functions with point discontinuities.

De-Mathed Intro:

We're doing some math-y stuff in Linear Algebra. We defined some cool properties for equations that also exist for matrices, and were happy when they worked, but then found weird counter examples. They made us sad.

The Steven Johnson Explanation of this sad fact:
So this is the problem with infinite-dimensional vector spaces. They work fine as long as you're reasonable and have well behaved functions, but you can always construct perverse counterexamples for which they don't work.  These never come up in real life, but this is what mathematicians like to do, come up with these weird contrived examples.

Well, in this class we're not going to be perverse. We're going to follow the Google model: Don't be evil.
He is the greatest thing EVER.

Also, you should look at the links. They are filled with silly pictures of him.


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