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Development branches of Android, the Google mobile phone operating system, are named after desserts. So far there's been Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, and Flan (Eclair and Flan are not out yet). However, this poses a problem. What do you do with later letters? Firestone and I have been brainstorming, but require suggestions:
haystacks, halva
ice cream?(two words...) icing? (not really a dessert)
kulfi? kheer? (too ethnic) kringle?
mousse, macaroon,meringue, mochi,
otap (ethnic?)
pudding, parfait, pizzelle, popsicle,pie
quiche? (I don't know how common sweet quiches are, if at all)
rasgulla? rugelach? (also ethnic)
sorbet, spumoni
tiramisu, taffy, torte, truffle
uštipci? (definitely too ethnic)
yogurt? (ambiguous, as it needs to be frozen to be dessert)
zeppoli? (how many people know about this sans wikipedia?)
Come on internets, I'm sure you have exciting, one word desserts that are not totally obscure to suggest :). Here, have some inspiration:

with thanks to Crystal and Scarola for suggestions :)


Jul. 15th, 2009 10:51 pm
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Things like this are reasons for me to start having an "awesome" tag. Seriously! A robot! That powers itself by eating biomass! Named the EATR!



Aug. 4th, 2008 06:43 pm
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After I told Adam that I think a girl I know dates in the self destructive way that she does because she needs male validation, he responded with:
I'm amused by the mental connections I have with "validation":
    1) parking tickets
    2) train tickets
    3) new Ruby on Rails objects that may or may not be created

My boyfriend is so dorktastic.


Nov. 17th, 2007 01:12 am
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In a discussion about our freshmen and whether lolcat is overrated:

Eric:Apparently those two [Tom and Fred] browse 4chan.
Sharmin: What! I don't understand 4chan. What is it's purpose?
Eric: I think you have to be on 4chan to understand 4chan.
Sharmin: I mean, I know it's a forum, but what the fuck does it do? Is it just a random entirely inexplicable part of the internet?
Eric: So, it's like this. If AnandTech is of order epsilon, then 4chan is of order epsilon squared. So... [waves hands] you just neglect! Unless you're one of those terms that hangs out at epsilon squared, like those two.
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So, this post is going to consist of an awesome thing my math lecturer said today. There are two versions of the introduction- one for people who have knowledge of Linear Algebra, and one for those who don't. (Incidentally, this is the lecturer that claims he was "was almost as adorable [at the age of three] as I am now, hard as that may be to believe.")

Math Heavy Intro:

So we're learning about infinite dimensional vector spaces in linear algebra (as opposed to finite dimension vector spaces like lines and planes through the origin), and one example that came up in class was the vector space of all real functions defined on x=0 to x=1 such that f(0)=f(1)=0. We defined f(x).g(x) as the integral of f(x)g(x) over this interval, and then started talking about how the dot product is only zero if f(x) is zero, but then came up with a counterexample of f(x)=0 except for at a single point, where it was non-zero. At this point we decided to exclude functions with point discontinuities.

De-Mathed Intro:

We're doing some math-y stuff in Linear Algebra. We defined some cool properties for equations that also exist for matrices, and were happy when they worked, but then found weird counter examples. They made us sad.

The Steven Johnson Explanation of this sad fact:
So this is the problem with infinite-dimensional vector spaces. They work fine as long as you're reasonable and have well behaved functions, but you can always construct perverse counterexamples for which they don't work.  These never come up in real life, but this is what mathematicians like to do, come up with these weird contrived examples.

Well, in this class we're not going to be perverse. We're going to follow the Google model: Don't be evil.
He is the greatest thing EVER.

Also, you should look at the links. They are filled with silly pictures of him.
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My camera is arriving tomorrow. Needless to say, my life is kind of like this right now.

I already spend too much time taking my beautiful, beautiful lens out and petting it.


Jul. 10th, 2007 09:16 pm
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Seriously, what an inspired idea. Wasteful, but so hilarious.
Also, on the recommendations of [ profile] steffi_sy and [ profile] razorsmile I watched the pilot episode of Dexter. Dexter Morgan is totally my tv-boyfriend.
Those of you surprised by this declaration should really get to know me better.
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So. Much. Win.
Gordon Brown v. Terrorists in Dungeons and Dragons, for the win. A small selection:
The GM says, "To get back to reality, guys, Gordon needs to roll for damage. Roll three D20s."

"Yes! Yes! Total of four, you terrorist bastards! Hah, see what you get for attacking the British lion!"

Rove consults a chart. "Sorry, boys, your Mercedes car bombs don't make it. One gets towed, and the other is discovered and disarmed. But the SUV. . . ."

Terrorists hold their breath.

"The SUV doesn't explode on impact, and when you set it on fire, you're caught and arrested. Now roll for damages from the flames."
Oh, Gordon Brown.
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I know, I know, enough with these cats already. But! [ profile] metaquotes love! And! Self depracating humor!
Check out this lovely comic.
To quote from my favorite bit:
Bob: Hi, I'm Dr. Bob Buxtehude, CFO of I Technologies, Inc. You may know me as TV's 'Serious cat.' I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit more about the exciting work we do here at I. As we like to say, 'I' are 'Serious Cat', but there's so much more to our operation.

[some dialogue about ninja kittens]

Bob: I'm just going to have a  chat with Esther, our chief scientist. So Esther, tell us what you do.

Esther: Well Bob, it's difficult to explain my research in layman's terms, but essentially what I'm working on at the moment is all about the science of containment. As a subject relevant to recent breakthroughs in fusion technology, I feel that the device I  have to show you today could make a real difference in solving the oft-predicted energy crisis. In short... I has a bucket. It contains photonic technology.
Also, browsing around... more awesome from [ profile] gnimmel : The internet is for meta-analysis.
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Speaking of things made of awesome, I would like to direct everybody's attention to the most wonderful thing I found today. Which is the community [ profile] mac_hearts_pc . In case you can't guess, it's a community dedicated to slashing the anthropomorphic Mac and PC of Apple's famed "Get a Mac" ads.
Seriously. The ads are so adorable. I recommend you watch "Counselor", "Flashback" and "Goodwill." Justin Long (Mac) is pretty hot in the blue collared shirt. :)
Some adorable/awesome things I have found: (all of these are by [ profile] dysmorph )
They're more or less safe for work, some more suggestive than others.

Oh, and cute icons!
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Do what you want with this information.
Yeah. I think the air is alive. It seems to be breathing with me, stupid humid air.
Also, the most amazing programming language ever. No, I'm serious.
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[ profile] esmeraldus_neo is runninga  meme propogation experiment. Yall should participate. :)

Brief instructions:
  1. Write a post linking to this one in which you explain the experiment. (All blogs count, be they TypePad, Blogger, MySpace, Facebook, etc.)
  2. Ask your readers to do the same. Beg them. Relate sob stories about poor graduate students in desperate circumstances. Imply I'm one of them. (Do whatever you have to. If that fails, try whatever it takes.)
  3. Ping Techorati.
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So I had thanksgiving dinner at EvilCorp this week, and it was a pretty sexy apartment (it's actually a rather large converted artist loft, so lots of funky angles). Still under construction though.
After that, a tEP alum named Lenny gave me a ride back so that I wouldn't have to walk half an hour back in the rain (hope I'm not sick ahhh!) and then he and I along with Piotr and Vicky measured like 2340324032984203 things about the third floor of the infinite corridor.
Seriously. Lenny's doing this project with MIThenge which involves very precise measurements of the infinite so that they can actually predict when it happens properly.
And now! I have made a SCALE DRAWING of the third floor of the Infinite Corridor. Iif anybody is interested, look here.
Look, a pretty picture to distract from the text!
Er, just a warning, though about the file: like the Infinite, it is extremely long and skinny and also 8mb in size. Yay bitmaps.
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So, my new scientific calculator is the most gratuitous thing ever. I love it already.
Also, hurray for not failing Chem because I can't use TI scientific calculators!

Edit: In other geek news, I just had a math lecture about Green's Theorem for flux. Two things: (1) Curl and divergence make so much more sense when you think of them as del cross F and del dot F, and (2) Maxwell's equations MAKE INFINITELY MORE SENSE in terms of curl and divergence. Seriously. It's kind of blowing my mind how my physics and math class have suddenly decided to converge and thus result in Maxwell's equations ACTUALLY MAKING SENSE.
Erm, for those of you who understood like, none of that, wait till you take Multivariable Calc and E&M, and then you will see what I mean and it will BLOW YOU AWAY.
Edit, again: Dude, my brother has a Facebook. <3


Nov. 2nd, 2006 01:20 am
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Kathy: Eric, entertain me.
Eric: [lounging on Kathy's bed] It's hard to entertain you when you're doing a pset.
Sharmin: [brightly] You could run around in circles, that would be amusing.
Kathy: Yeah, that would  be amusing.
Eric: I'm not running in circles, you run in circles.
Sharmin: [tries to run in a circle, realizes there isn't enough space] Running in circles is hard. [begins to spinning] I could spin, that's like the limit of running in circles as r goes to zero!
Kathy: Ok, I'm not entertained anymore.
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OMG Xanga Footprints... like IP logging but SO MUCH WORSE. Seriously. Apparently this person and also this person found me from the Xanga search for hentai. THERE IS NO PRIVACY LEFT IN THE WORLD
[evil laughter]
Also, Xanga supports tags now, but my lj is tagged, so if you want tags just go here. But still. You have to love Xanga for being kind of scary.
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For all you non MIT peeps...
Behold, evidence, IN PICTURE FORM, that it is the most awesome ever.
Seriously, a kilogram of sodium in the Charles River.
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Hey, remember those amusing stories going around the net about how Dell laptops were bursting into flames and exploding?

Eg, A laptop at a Japanese conference burst into flames.
Well, it turns out that the batteries were faulty, and now Dell is recalling four million batteries. Um, if you have a Dell, go here to see if your battery may explode, and what to do.
Um, also, take the BBC story with a grain of salt, because this place says 27K batteries, not 4 million. But that site looks dodgy, and the consensus seems to be 4 million.
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Hey Forbes, this should make you happy:
Carnegie Mellon Researchers Develop New Type of Mobile Robot That Balances and Moves on a Ball Instead of Legs or Wheels
(longest headline ever, omg)
Carnegie Mellon University researchers have developed a new type of mobile robot that balances on a ball instead of legs or wheels. "Ballbot" is a self-contained, battery-operated, omnidirectional robot that balances dynamically on a single urethane-coated metal sphere. It weighs 95 pounds and is the approximate height and width of a person. Because of its long, thin shape and ability to maneuver in tight spaces, it has the potential to function better than current robots can in environments with people.

There's video too, scroll down to the bottom of the ballbot's webpage.
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So, [ profile] pinkhypnosis and I were having a late-night IM conversation, discussing the finer aspects of making obscure references and assorted things when I mentioned my inability to take libertarianism seriously. And we are teh biggest nerds, but in a good way. :D

Sharmin: OMG, libertarians
Sharmin: It's like, I call myself a libertarian sometimes, but I’d be deathly afraid of going to any organization or meeting that was affiliated with libertarianism
Hanna: Oh, I get you.
Hanna: It's like, I like Nietzsche, but I try to stay away from it.
Sharmin: hahah
Sharmin: I like the idea of Nietzsche but I don't read much.
Hanna: I'm going to read more when I finish this history book I'm reading. I'm interested in his ideas about society as a whole; the Overman thing I feel is in many ways the same sort of oversimplified glitter that draws people to Ayn Rand.
Sharmin: haha yeah
Sharmin: But it’s like, the ideal allusion. It's like liking Led Zeppelin or something.
Hanna: Truth ;]
Sharmin: ahahaha
Sharmin: Sorry, Nietzsche as Led Zeppelin is making me giggle.
Sharmin: OMG we must head bang to him!

You see? We will totally rule the world.


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