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Yo dudes, so I finally read harrpahtter.

That's what I've taken to calling Deathly Hallows, which I borrowed from Tess and read today after I re-read The Sorcerer's Stone ♥.

Possibly because I was expecting it to be egregiously awful, I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn't that bad, relatively entertaining with moments of genuine awesome thrown in there (Dumbly and Grindy!). I also thought Hermione was pretty badass in terms of her magical skillz, which isn't something I had noticed in the other books, presumably because she was OMGEXAMS all the time. Oh, and I liked Harry using Unforgivables, but come now, disarming Voldy?

I thought the "Elder Wand Possession" thing was done somewhat inelegantly and I was weirded out to see that we had a Dumbly Explains it All moment even after his death. I'm v. confused on the inherent goodness or lack there of in Slytherins... yes? no? maybe? Also I was confused by the fate of the Malfoys, who were morally gray and clearly involved in evil despite their occasional wavering defections to the SIDE OF LIGHT.

Perhaps they set up a Truth and Reconciliation Commission?
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Are you too old and too awesome to be seen reading Harry Potter?
An example of how to be manly! )
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Hello darlings! It amuses me greatly that the entire text of Deathly Hallows has been available on the internets for a day already. Unfortunately, it's available on obnoxious download sites, so for those of you wishing to possess it, ask me. Or join [ profile] spoil_me_dh.
Hurray etc.
So, it's mostly very bright pictures of the pages. Disclaimer: I haven't actually read that shit. I'm not going to sift through 700 odd pages of overexposed children's novel.
However, I have read the most wondrous epilogue, and it is filled with LOL and also massive gagging, just like most of JK's painful prose (note, for example, the abuse of modifiers in the last sentence). Go be spoiled with snarky comments and the transcribed text here. Seriously.

There is, of course, the possibility that the entire thing is a ridiculously elaborate plot to put a fake version and mock the masses, so take it all with a grain of salt.
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[ profile] amanuensis1 has an insight about Harry Potter fandom. As she puts it:
"Hello, and welcome to the HP fandom, where one can request:

Sex in classrooms
Sex with dead people
Traveling through time to get sex
Parseltongue sex

But still add "NO KINK" at the end of the list. ^_^"
Much like the "My fandom warns for het" icon she has. :D
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So, [ profile] stellabelle has the funniest H/D poem. Ron discovers Harry with Draco. And then. ahahahaha. A quote:
	"He's a coward, a cheat, and ugly to boot. 
	"He looks like a hideous premature newt." 
	"Yeah," said Harry, "but he's great in the sack." 
	Ron wheezed, "I think I'm having an asthma attack! 
	"Are you desperate? Crazy? Stupid? All three?" 
	Said Harry: "Probably, to a degree." 
Some people are too brilliant for words.
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From [ profile] snegurochka_lee we have the ridiculously funny turtle porn. Completely and totally worksafe, incidentally.
Also, from [ profile] amaneunsis1, we learn what our good friend Snape has been doing post-HBP. For a moment, imagine Snape as a Dungeon Master... From the comments:
[ profile] sinick:
"No, you may not cast Petrificus on the dragon. ...Why? Because someone of your feeble intellect couldn't Petrify a pixie. One more word out of you and I'll hex you mouthless. Roll the blasted dice while you still have hands."
[ profile] soawen:
"A freak accident activates a hidden portal, and you are immediately transferred to the terrasques' home dimensi- Mr. Potter, do you presume to tell me you are a specialist in terrasques? No? Then, as I said, you now stand in the terrasques' home dimension. Everyone roll initiative."

Finally, you should all read this fanfic by [ profile] zionsstarfish. Slash, but not too obviously so. Too funny for words. READ IT! NOW!
[giggles madly and fangirls]

Pimp Cane

Dec. 20th, 2005 07:02 pm
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Ok, so Lucius Malfoy has a pimp cane. So he has Death Eater orgies. Big Fucking Deal.
I am now going to pimp Fahad's deviation.
Sadly, he does not update [ profile] wr0m.
The Flatlander Expedition )
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Harry: *spontaneously orgasms*
Cedric: I'm sorry, I know have that effect on people, I just can't control it. *is abashed*
Not a fic. From the movie. You know you want it.
And Part 1, also.
OMGOMGOMG excuse my while I go die in a corner.
Speaking of Harry/Cedric. I realised they were totally meant to be during the first portkey scene in GoF. When Harry falls and Cedric gives him a hand up and Harry gives him this goofy smile. Lovelovelove.EVIDENCE! )
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pointed out by a[ profile] atrustheotaku about [info]toki_usagi's userpic)


Sep. 19th, 2005 04:44 pm
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Neverwhere Icons!
This is why I want a paid account. This.
Funny HP Comic. Adult, but not in the way you'd think. :D Kudos to Fahad for finding it.
*edit* Er, that's Ginny, not Ron. Funnier if its Ron, but still very funny.
And ten points to anyone who notices what's wrong with the BT Online website. Hint- Highlight it. Bonus points to those who recognize my evil influence, and Caroline's([ profile] thesexthatshops) evil influence by proxy.

Snape Love

Sep. 18th, 2005 11:11 pm
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[ profile] amanuensis1  has ths amazingly funny Snape Icon. I parade it here for your amusement. Spoiler, I suppose, but deal with it.
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The Shoebox Project.
Marauder's era fanfic. I've read till about chapter eithg, and so far its about as slashy as the Draco Trilogy, that is, not quite, but it should be.
The beginning has promising undertones, though. And there are twenty five chapters so far...
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For Joy: The Draco Trilogy. By [ profile] epicyclical .
As Aja ([ profile] bookshop ) said in this fascinating essay:
The Draco Trilogy did not invent fanon!Draco, but its tremendous fame popularized him and gave him his most recognizable traits--sex and snark.  Here Draco is a redeemed figure whose relationship with Harry Potter is at times almost symbiotic.  The story itself draws massive popularity from the underlying H/D subtext, despite its multiplicity of het pairings, and is probably singlehandedly responsible for the fact that most Draco fans are also H/D shippers.
Also highly amusing (but slash) are Underwater Light and Something Impossible. And who can forget [ profile] potterstinks ? Part of a now finished rpg, but SO MUCH FUN anyway.


Aug. 24th, 2005 05:47 pm
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Some incredibly funny links to slash related stuff.

Do you want to be amused? )

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[sirius + remus]
Too funny to give up.


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