Aug. 2nd, 2008 03:10 pm
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please please please please go to the supreme court!!!!

In case you are wondering what I'm talking about, it is the fact that the fifth and eleventh circuits have split over whether or not banning dildo sales is unconstitutional. The fifth circuit just denied rehearing, so I'm excited. (Also, I'm amused that the name of the post in the first link is "Banana Split."
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Obscenity trials are silly, but when they use google to determine "contemporary community standards," they result in such wonderful quotes:
“We tried to come up with comparison search terms that would embody typical American values,” Mr. Walters said. “What is more American than apple pie?” But according to the search service, he said, “people are at least as interested in group sex and orgies as they are in apple pie.”
LOLAMAZING Oh, the internets!
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Challenging the conventional wisdom. Read it- it's long but very thoughtful and interesting.
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Re: Medellin v. Texas, i.e. the decision that says that Texas can ignore international treaties and give Mexican citizens the death penalty if it wants to without telling Mexico about it first, and Hamdan v. Rumsfeld, the decision that says that the Bush administration cannot always deny suspected terrorists of their rights, Orin Kerr says the following:
Reading over Chief Justice Roberts' Medellin opinion, it reminds me a lot of Justice Stevens' majority opinion in Hamdan v. Rumsfeld in 2006. ... Of course, the people who like both Hamdan and Medellin could probably meet  in a phone booth. (And Justice Kennedy is already in the phone booth.)  But the two decisions seem pretty similar to me.
LOL <3, except I think Justice Kennedy is kind of very silly.
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I want somebody to write me Supreme Court fanfiction where Ginsburg and Scalia meet at Harvard and then have an affair that starts in the seventies and continues, on and off, until today . For material, see this lovely piece. A quote from the article:

Beyond the law, Ginsburg and Scalia seek each other out.

"I have always enjoyed Nino," Ginsburg said in an interview, echoing her comment at the hearing: "No matter how overworked and tired I feel, he can always say things that make me laugh. He can also say things I find provocative, even irritating."

For his part, Scalia says he likes his colleague "because she is an intelligent woman and a nice woman and a considerate woman — all the qualities that you like in a person."

Guys, she calls him Nino in court, too.♥
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Bhuttos-- :(
What a sad day.

Also, see this lovely piece about commas. And the right to bear arms.


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