Mar. 18th, 2010 06:16 pm
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Adam will be in San Francisco next year!


Feb. 18th, 2010 12:31 pm
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There's some horrible stomach flu going around at tEP, Adam's fraternity, so I text him everyday to make sure he's avoiding his brothers and still alive.
Sharmin: are you still alive? 9:41 PM
Adam : Yeah 9:42 PM
Sharmin: maybe you should poke yourself in the tummy to make sure since i'm not around to do it 9:42 PM
Adam : ? 9:48 PM
Sharmin: if you wriggle, you're alive. otherwise you're probably dead! or a zombie!!!! 9:49 PM
Sharmin: hm sounds like you discovered you're a zombie and don't want to tell me. as long as you don't eat me or give me prion disease i'll still love you? 9:55 PM
Sharmin: i don't know what that is but i'm scared. <3??? 11:41 PM
Adam : That was my zombie impression. I'm fine now 11:42 PM


Jan. 21st, 2010 02:02 am
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I got into Berkeley for grad school! \o/!
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Help first west decide what kind of naan to make to impress the freshmen!
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About a year ago, Adam was pretty adamant about not shaving. (I'm so unintentionally witty). His sister and I were complaining about his lack of sense:
Sharmin:  i should have adopted a more lysistrata-like approach
Sharmin: i think i threatened to stop kissing him but never followed through
Hannah:  ah ah tmi
Sharmin :  SORRY
Hannah:  my brother and i are like bill clinton and the military
Hannah:  the gay military
Later, she pointed out:
Hannah:  i just like to think of adam as a sexless object
Hannah: gender-neutral, if you will
Sharmin :  hahahah
Hannah:  i mean sure he plays "sports" but not manly sports
Sharmin :  its true!
(He fences, plays golf and tennis, and likes to bike far away on his road bike. But not with no handlebars.)
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An amusing feature of Westin hotels led to this conversation...
Sharmin:  alsoooo
Sharmin: exciting thing!!!!
Sharmin: the showers at westin hotels have two shower heads. it makes no sense
Eric:  ...
Sharmin:  unless they were anticipating you having a shower with a smaller friend
Eric:  er... how are these heads arranged
Sharmin:  http://image14.webshots.com/15/3/79/24/171037924JdFCSk_fs.jpg
Eric:  wtf??
Sharmin:  you can have them on different settings?
Eric:  i will ask OT [Anandtech Off Topic Forum]
Eric: this question needs resolution
Sharmin:  did you ask ATOT?
Eric:  yes  http://forums.anandtech.com/messageview.aspx?catid=38&threadid=2324747
Eric:  omg
Eric:  you can chat live with a retail concierge
Eric:  we could ask them what it's for!
Sharmin:  are you going to ask???
Eric:  OR
Eric:  we could tell them that we accidentally the shower head and we need help NAO
Sharmin:  hahahahahahaha
Go read the "I accidentatly __, the whole thing" links if you're not familiar with the meme. :) Also, you can buy the shower heads!
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Linda: also, do you want anything from ca?
Linda: i feel silly flying across the country empty handed
Sharmin: hm
Sharmin: what can one get in ca that one can't get from amazon...
Linda: hahah
Linda: me! :)
Sharmin: it's TRUEEE :(
Sharmin: why aren't you on amazon
Linda: :(
Sharmin: i would pay for 2 day shipping for you
Linda: haha
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Tonight I had Baileys Chocolate Chip Cheesecake ice cream at J.P.Licks.

It's unclear how they managed to fit so many different delicious flavors into one type of ice cream. OM NOM NOM.
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Eric and I were speculating about how certain living groups get to be particularly incestuous...
Eric Liu: close quarters leads to relationships apparently
Sharmin: it seems to be convenient, i guess
Eric Liu: :p
Eric Liu: it's true
Eric Liu: i mean it seems natural that if you spend a lot of time with a particular group of people
Eric Liu: the rate of relationships & turnovers should increase
Sharmin: hahaha
Eric Liu: much like gas dynamics
Eric Liu: higher density, more collisions...
Sharmin: it's true
Eric Liu: which goes back to my theory that life is mostly fluid mechanics :)


Nov. 14th, 2008 03:59 pm
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I checked my mail today! (my irl mail)
Guess what I got while I was in England?

EEEEE a real letter from Steffi. It has ILLUSTRATIONS and everything and it's written on lovely paper and and it's ever so pretty and ALL MINE

[livejournal.com profile] steffi_sy 

Only now I really want hot chocolate.
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Apparently, I think monetary policy is super exciting. I even went to Macroeconomics lecture for the second time in my life. It was pretty cool.

Is this normal? Possibly I'm in the wrong field. :/

Somewhat but not really related- you know the tax system is too complicated when politicians AND lawyers can't do it correctly. PALIN TAX FAIL.
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So, this weekend when we were in New York for debate, we met up with Adam's parents for dinner. Adam's mother, being the kind of person who believes that the way to a person's heart is through baked goods, baked us a honey cake for Rosh Hashanah (Jew food for the Jewish New Year for the uninformed). Unfortunately when we were driving back to Boston we discovered that we lacked a knife to cut the cake, so the honey cake will go uneaten until our Tuesday debate meeting. So when Adam was dropping me off at my dorm...
Adam: Well call me tomorrow when you wake up. We'll see if we can do something together.
Sharmin: We still haven't eaten the cake! It'll go bad :(
Adam: Are you crazy? Those things last forever!
Sharmin: Ok then. waves Bye, honey cake!
Adam: Bye!
Sharmin: ... I was talking to the cake.
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Things that are delicious:
My lunch/dinner.

I've realized a couple of things. I eat about twice as much when I'm with Adam, probably because I don't want him to think I'm weak. Also,  I'm awful at explaining recipes, because I learned to cook with my mother and with her the answer to "How much of [an ingredient] do you put in?" is always "Approximately the right amount."

This must be the correct way to cook, because almost all her food turns out delicious, and it's difficult to argue with results like that.

On men

Oct. 4th, 2007 02:48 pm
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After a discussion on the possibility of getting married:

Sharmin: You know, I think my boyfriends are successive approximations of the kind of person I want to marry.
Eric: [laughs] Yeah well, your first one wasn't a very good guess, was he?
Sharmin: He was randomly selected! [pause] Really, if I keep this up, it's going to prove to be an excellent algorithm.
Eric: Random selection of a starting point is pretty standard for iterative algorithms.
Kathy: What about my boyfriends?
Sharmin: [considering] I think you're doing a random walk until you find the right one.
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My camera is arriving tomorrow. Needless to say, my life is kind of like this right now.

I already spend too much time taking my beautiful, beautiful lens out and petting it.
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The second time law enforcement in Boston has thought that LED's are *actually a bomb*.
Oh Star.
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Check us out, we're so badass. Seriously. MIT rituals: endangering helpful citizens since 1861.
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[livejournal.com profile] cheecheechee might be the most awesome person ever. Seriously. Tess, how I adore you!

I've borrowed a bunch of books and other assorted media from her and since our lovely tea party I have consumed a surprising number of them. Gregory Macguire's Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister, which was a bit of alright- fun and intriguing, but by no means mindblowing. Fables and Recollections and Brief Lives  from the Sandman series which were of course <333, though not the best in the series. And I just watched History Boys, which was ridiculously awesome.

Seriously. English schoolboys! Antics in the classroom! Sexy, young, morally ambiguous teachers! Poetry and literature! Inappropriate student-teacher relationships! YAY! My mother was rather scandalized by it and wrinkled her noise and said "These Brits... they have so many... homosexuals." I just laughed at her because of course schoolboy crushes are far more exciting than rampant homosexuality. Um, I have screencaps! If there is interest I will post them. :)
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We're in Jakarta! Whee! We're staying with old friends from Egypt, they have two sons approx. my age named Raghav and Varun and we are generally having a good time. Well, Raghav is reading Deathly Hallows, so I hope for his sake he is.

So, today when Fahad and Varun were playing ping pong:
Sharmin: Yo dawgs!
Varun: [returns Fahad's serve, then turns around politely] Pardon?
Sharmin: Yo dawgs.
Varun: ...Oh.
Fahad: [laughter, followed by ping pong foolery]
Sharmin: [pause] You know, when I said that, I didn't actually realize [your dog] Caesar was sitting under the table.
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Hello darlings! It amuses me greatly that the entire text of Deathly Hallows has been available on the internets for a day already. Unfortunately, it's available on obnoxious download sites, so for those of you wishing to possess it, ask me. Or join [livejournal.com profile] spoil_me_dh.
Hurray etc.
So, it's mostly very bright pictures of the pages. Disclaimer: I haven't actually read that shit. I'm not going to sift through 700 odd pages of overexposed children's novel.
However, I have read the most wondrous epilogue, and it is filled with LOL and also massive gagging, just like most of JK's painful prose (note, for example, the abuse of modifiers in the last sentence). Go be spoiled with snarky comments and the transcribed text here. Seriously.

There is, of course, the possibility that the entire thing is a ridiculously elaborate plot to put a fake version and mock the masses, so take it all with a grain of salt.


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