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Oct. 4th, 2007 02:48 pm
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After a discussion on the possibility of getting married:

Sharmin: You know, I think my boyfriends are successive approximations of the kind of person I want to marry.
Eric: [laughs] Yeah well, your first one wasn't a very good guess, was he?
Sharmin: He was randomly selected! [pause] Really, if I keep this up, it's going to prove to be an excellent algorithm.
Eric: Random selection of a starting point is pretty standard for iterative algorithms.
Kathy: What about my boyfriends?
Sharmin: [considering] I think you're doing a random walk until you find the right one.
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Right, because seeing is believing. (click for larger versions)
Shirtless Dean:
Shirtless Dean.jpg
Shirtless Sam:
shirtless sam.JPG
See, don't you want to watch Supernatural now?
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Ok, I know that my immediate reaction to Lance Bass coming out shouldn't be hysterical laughter, but. But. (1) He's in 'Nsync, I was never going to take him seriously anyway, and (2) if this isn't validating popslashers everywhere, I don't know what will. Perhaps the universe has some cosmic sense of justice, or just humor.
Also, his boyfriend is pretty hot, in a traditional, well-muscled kind of way. Very all-American.
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Right, I saw Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (omg so long!) today. It was lots of fun, very funny and whatnot, thoroughly enjoyable. I'd give it... 8.5 out of 10, and bonus points for hot men. And Keira Knightly, who deserves a bonus point all to herself, though her dress annoyed me before she changed out of it.
Some not too  spoilery things.

1. Norrington! When did you get so hot! Last movie, when you were courting Elizabeth, why didn't you just take off the wig and get a little scruffier? Because. Oh. My. God. You are very, very attractive, and Elizabeth is a very lucky woman for having your lust as well as Will Turner's and Captain Jack's.
2. Captain Jack Sparrow, while being a sexy beast et al, is incredibly camp. Crystal and I spent half the movie giggling about how he runs like a girl and sashays instead of, you know, strutting. Ah, slightly gay pirates with eyeliner.
3. Boy!Keira Knightley makes my world go round. And no matter what he says to the contrary, she makes Captain Jack's world go round too. Yup, new OTP.
4. Captain Jack! When going to ask a favor from what seems to be an ex-girlfriend or some such business, do NOT, I repeat, do NOT take your younger, prettier friend with you. I promise, she'll pretend to like him better just to spite you.

And. Part two of this post, which is actually far more important, even though I, like [livejournal.com profile] abstractanthony, ask myself every day why I'm not having sex with Johnny Depp, while I only think about course registration once a week at best...
Ok, other MIT-ers. What are you putting down for the HASS-D lottery? Do you know anything about it?
I mean, I've looked at the course descriptions and picked the ones that sound interesting, but what about important considerations like, oh, teachers I've never met before?
Right now I'm thinking about Reading Poetry as a first choice, and then in vague order: Islam, the Middle East and the West; The Film Experience; Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies; Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics & Society, 1917-Present; and Introduction to Linguistics.

What think you all?
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I was bored. What can I say. Also, Gimp Skills needed practice.

Excitement, and boylove! )
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Jun brought this to my attention today. Jake Gyllenhaal. Heath Ledger.
And boylove. It sounds really good, but as he put it, "If it ever comes to the Philippiens,all the good scenes... I mean, ah, the inappropriate scenes will be cut out."
Honestly, it sounds more like a depressing love story than something squeeworthy. Still want to see, though.
Edit: Upon checking out the website like a maniac, I really, really want to see it. Boylove reasons aside, it looks like a really good movie. And the trailer, of course.

more pics )
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Sexy, eh? From Breakfast on Pluto. Trailer.
You're going to love this... )
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SAT II's today.
Chemistry, Math, Physics. All in all pretty easy and SOBORINGANDSUCHAWASTEOFTIME!!!
Would you like to know something creepy? I've begun seeing standardised tests in a completely new manner. Instead of trying to figure out the answer to a question, I look at a queston and see the point of the question. As if I was reviewing the test, and the questions had to cover certain syllabus topics. So on the Chemistry exam, for example, when I looked at a question I didn't start by looking at the answer choices and doing calculations- I though, ah, here the test writers are testing my understanding of Boyle's Law!
However, this is creepy in an interesting way. And it makes the tests easier. So I suppose it is all good.
To get away from all this nonsense...
Carl Barat is officially on my to do list. I hope, for his own good, he doesn't come too close to me during his lifetime, as it could be very dangerous.

Check it out. The photographer is quite brilliant. *swoon*
By the way, Crystal, all that stuff on [livejournal.com profile] thelibs_daily about "your famous friend, well I blew him before you" is from the Franz Ferdinand song "Do You Want To." Good music, sexy men, and SAT II's are done... Sharmin is happy, for the next... few hours, at least.


Sep. 29th, 2005 11:22 pm
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Jeremy Sumpter...

Isn't he pretty? I feel like a child molester, he's two years younger than me. He played Peter Pan in the 2003 Peter Pan (very sexy!) He spends most of the movie frolllicking shirtless, yet somehow I think a movie on eternal innocence and youth should not be arousing. At all. Still.
And er, he's apparently recently done this move called CyberSeduction: His Secret Life on Lifetime which is about a teenage boys addiction to pr0n. Well, if he's an inarticulate, American prude, at least he's sexy.
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I really, really want to see Velvet Goldmine, and for some reason I can't. I am angry.
Also, I want to see Disco Bones. And I was stupid enouh to not go and see Red Eye today. Let it be stated for the record that Cillian Murphy is amazingly gorgeous. And will be added to my list of utterly-shaggable-and-at-any-time-welcome-in-my-sex- life men (also featuring Johnny Depp, Collin Farrel, Ewan McGregor and James Marsters. And Norman Reedus)

*Edit* Nearly forgot. For those of you who don't know Norman Reedus, here's a bit of eyecandy. [swoons]
Norman Reedus as Murphy MacNanus
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The only one for you is Neil Gaiman!

Yeah, too bad for you he's married. But you can
join the ranks of screaming fan girls just in
case anyways. Check him out at:

What SF writer will you marry?
brought to you by Quizilla

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So, back from Cesca's house... fun sleepover. Though I would like to say that 90% of the people in Manila are LAME because they won't dance unless wasted. So nobody was dancing last night.
In other news, San Mig Strong Ice is actually good beer (gasp!).
And I was completely and totally shocked to realize an ommision in my fictional love list.
MERCUTIO!!! From Romeo and Juliet! I worshipped him. He's amazing and also got me a really high grade on my character analysis for English. I think he would be at four, pushing Louis down and Tenoch out. I love you Tenoch, but relationships based on the sexiness of Diego Luna alone can't last too long.
How can you not love the Queen Mab speech?

A Plague on both your houses!

True, I talk of dreams, 
Which are the children of an idle brain, 
Begot of nothing but vain fantasy, 
Which is as thin of substance as the air 
And more inconstant than the wind, who wooes 
Even now the frozen bosom of the north, 
And, being anger’d, puffs away from thence, 
Turning his face to the dew-dropping south.

God I love Shakespeare sometimes.
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So, with thanks to [livejournal.com profile] nhw here's my top ten list of fictional characters I would shag. Er, provided I was 18, of course, or in the Netherlands. And male characters only, becuase adding female characters would be too weird. :P
10. Tenoch from Y tu mama, tambien. Because Diego Luna is FINE.
Alas, that is the biggest nice picture of Tenoch that doesn't involve nudity.

A few good men... )
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I can't believe Neil Gaiman is coming to the Philippines and I'm not going to be here.
What a disappointment. My favorite living author comes to the place I live and I'm halfway across the world, studying aeronautics.


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