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I think it says a lot about Adam that this is his favorite music video (Watch it! It is is so silly and happy!). And also, the shark is currently his favorite rapper.

I ♥ my dorktastic boyfriend.

The Master

Nov. 20th, 2008 06:50 pm
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Stephen Colbert interviews Paul Simon (<3!)
Colbert: If you were going to write, like, a protest folk song now about the credit crisis, could you... Do you think you could rhyme "credit default swap"? Or "negotiable"?
Simon: Unsociable.
Colbert: Ooh, that's not bad! You are the master.
SO MUCH LOVE (it's at 15:33). There's also Stephen's beef about some of Paul Simon's lyrics, like what was Julio doing down by the schoolyard anyway?
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Amanda Palmer's cover of "I Google You" courtesy Neil Gaimain:

Lyrics )
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So, I'm not quite sure why I didn't feel like updating when I was in Manila, but I didn't. Alas.
Now I'm back at MIT, it is COLD (like a cold cold thing), I'm still in love with Neko Case and my shoulders hurt.
They really do. It is very painful.
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So my friend Adam Goldstein is like, the most ridiculously awesome person ever and also, he's in a band.
And when I say band I mean a pretentious instrumental video game progressive rock kind of band called, of all things, Pirhana Fillet, not some silly high school punk band. There are a bunch of crazy songs on their myspace, I would recommend Streets of Rage because it is awesome.
Also, the song Sonic Love is especially awesome, but not on mypace and you should go listen to it because it is actually indier than indie.
Um, other than being a fangirl, I've been sleeping lots because I had the plague and also I went to a concert yesterday with Goldstein. Bradigan (one of the offshoot bands of Dispatch) was playing. It was fun.
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So the numerous discussions Ira and I have had about Orgy Theory eventually prompted me to attempt to make an orgy playlist. Tim Roberts was incredibly helpful and recommended all sorts of sexy music, and now I have a playlist of sorts.
It's not been beta tested very much, so any of you planning to have hot sex, especially within an orgy context, hit me up and I'll provide the music for you so that you can tell me how it goes. I'm serious.

In alphabetical order by artist:

So, it's possible there's too much Franz Ferdinand on that list. Um, suggestions for additions/changes/deletions would be awesome!
But that was a very fun playlist to make, as you can probably tell.
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So, things of note...
Iron Maiden yesterday. Fucking awesome. Totally epic.
They're about 100 times better live than they are on their CD's. I mean, their music is fun but not that amazing but their concerts ROCK SO HARD OMG.
Today, Museum of Science with my advisor, associate advisor, Lindley (a girl in my advising group) and Ira. Who's not in my advising group, but Prof. Alexandre said bring a friend, so I invited him, and introduced him by saying, "This is Ira. He's my plus one. Is that alright?"
Unfortunately, none involved were Doctor Who fans, but I squeed madly on the inside, so that is all that matters.
Um, the Body Worlds exhibit was pretty awesome. You should go see it. It made me very pensive.
Also, we saw The Beatles Laser Light Show, which was fun, and ate ice-cream on Main St. Oh, and Ira had a fourteen dollar salad on the Institute.
Oh, and I got Outlook to display dates in a sane format, ie D/M/Y. However, I'm still confused by the ground floor being the first floor and everytime I go to 4th HNC in Senior House, I want to go up an extra floor.
Um... now I'm off to the Epic Party, I may also stop by 4E...

Sam's Town

Oct. 2nd, 2006 12:40 am
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I have too much R.E.M. on my computer, if you believe such a thing is possible, which I'm not sure I do.
Also, the new Killers album is TOTALLY AWESOME, if very different from Hot Fuss.
Um, the Punk Rock Party at 41W yesterday was pretty awesome, and actually the small party on my hall on Friday was pretty cool.
To conclude, it's entirely too likely that I spend too much time with Ira. And also, in Eric's room consuming his candy.
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I know Crystal didn't like it that much, but I've been listening to The Decemberists' new album, The Crane Wife, and I'm absolutely in love with. It is a departure, to a certain extent, from their sea shanty style, but it explores a far more melancholy part of the human condition.
Well. Not that much more melancholy, because The Decemberists were pretty fucking melancholy to begin with.
But anyway, the song "Crane Wife 3" is just... ridiculously beautiful.
Though I suppose listening to excessive hard rock could desensitize one towards The Crane Wife. And speaking of hard rock, I'm going to see Iron Maiden in October! With Bizzie! And it shall be ridiculously awesome!
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I finally listened to "I may just have to murder James Blunt" by Mitch Benn, which is too funny. Neil Gaiman is a fan, and here, this upload link should work. :)

By the way, I'm in Washington DC on a small break from Orientation, MIT is cool and International Students Orienation was rather fun and soon I shall be back in Cambridge. I've made a significant dent in the photography requests, so I shall soon post that, as well. :)
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OK, final entry of the night.
I think.
Anyway, Crystal was telling me, DOWNLOAD CAKE OMG, and I was eating chocolate cake and so you know, I finally downloaded the album Fashion Nuggets.
More importantly, everybody should listen to their cover of Gloria Gaynor's song "I will Survive" (right-click and save, it should work)
It's like, if you took all the campness out of the original, and then made it this sort of gritty breakup song that is cool.
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So I thought of this as I was bored yesterday night/today morning, having finished reading Dream Country, which is ok but has one really good story (Calliope). Which is creepy and wrong in all the right ways. So, flist, you should do this too, and ask me to upload if you want the songs:

Top Five fucking creepy Songs, in no particular order:
  • Vendetta Red cried Rape on their Date with Destiny- Vendetta Red
  • Tim introduced me to Vendetta Red, for which I am eternally grateful. They're supposed to be screamo or scream punk (yes, laugh at my wit, please) or some such business. But they're awesome good fun. The best lyrics in this song are "Oh Holy Grace, they made love to your face with a boxcutter," which is just the most brilliant description of torture ever.

  • Pictures- Timo Maas featuring Brian Molko
  • Ah, this song makes me happy, because the thought of Brian Molko as some creepy stalker is fun. And porn! "I won't hurt you,/unless you ask me to/hurt you/boy/and take off your clothes." And then he gets all The Picture of Dorian Gray and says "I wanna take pictures of you/boy/You won't age a day/in freeze frame."

  • John Wayne Gacy, Jr.- Sufjan Stevens
  • Hey, for some variety have Sufjan Stevens! Oh songs about serial killers, beautiful and heartbreaking. It's one of my brother's favorite songs, and it just... makes you shiver. In a good way. With my flist being the mad indie rockers you are, I'm sure all of you already know this song and love it, but still:"And on his best behavior/In a dark room on the bed he kissed them all/He'd kill ten thousand people/With a sleight of his hand"

  • A Letter to Dominique- Louis XIV
  • Heh, it's obnoxious and creepy. Actually it seems to be about a suicide, but eeeh. Who doesn't love fake British cock rock?
    Um. Lyrics, now. "Dear Dominique I wrote to tell you you’re delightful/Still I know you want to strangle on a mouth full/Of gasoline or to be tied up and stoned."

  • A Cautionary Song- The Decemberists
  • Hurrah Decemberists! And prostitution! And what your mother does when you're asleep! Really, go read all the lyrics.
    But for you, I shall quote the a creepy bit:"With dirty hands and trousers torn/They grapple 'til she's safe within their keeping/A gag is placed between her lips/To keep her sorry tongue from any speaking, or screaming." That's the cool thing about The Decemberists: consistently brilliant lyrics, even if the song itself is just ok.
How depressing is it that Marilyn Manson didn't even make it onto the list once? That man is all talk and false advertisement, I swear, his songs are all actually about how superficial society is and pop culture revolutions or the commercialization of religion and the conservative backlash against abortion. At best, he radiates darkness and generalized hatred. (But I love him for his sexy voice)
Which makes me think that no self respecting serial killer would be inspired by Manson. Or Rammstein. They haven't got that sophisticated cruelty you need to be a truly successful serial killer.

Call me Al

Aug. 10th, 2006 02:11 am
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Right, I should start by saying that my musical roots are sort of enmeshed in 70's folk music, so my love for Simon & Garfunkel is given. I grew up with my mom's music: Hindi music which I paid no attention to and my mom's English music which I eventually learned to love. Somewhere along the line I also listened to music older cousins did, and then developed this bizarre and disturbing love for pop rock (woe) such as Dashboard Confessional. But freshmen and sophomore year I was all about the sound of silence, baby.
So, somewhat inspired by karaoke today for Sachi's farewell, but also the Supernatural soundtrack...
7 (+1) Songs you should listen to, pre-1980's (as far as I know):

Ask and I shall upload the songs you want, I suppose.
Now, all this talk of the  seventies is making me think of the movie A Home at the End of the World, which has one of my very favorite Colin Farrell performances, ever. It has Me and Julio down by the Schoolyard in the soundtrack! And it's by Michael Cunningham! It wasn't that popular because it's a rather bizarre story about family and sexual orientation (sort of) and it's realistic to point of depressing at times and totally contrived at others. I don't know, it's the kind of story you just have to go with and then have a sort of resolution but not really at the end.
To conclude...
The song Losing my Religion by R.E.M. is best coming-out song ever. That's kind of a bizarre song category, but whatever, it's still a great song. And also, my friends were losers today because they all didn't know it, except Francis, who didn't mention he knew it so I had to sing it alone. But yes, awesome song, because the lyrics include: "And I don't know if I can do it/Oh no I've said too much/haven't said enough" and "Of every waking hour I'm/Choosing my confessions/Trying to keep an eye on you/Like a hurt lost and blinded fool."
I don't think it was written to be a coming-out song, exactly (though who knows, the lead singer of R.E.M. is bisexual) but it works very well as one.
And I thought I was going to sleep early tonight.
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I would just like to say that Liz wins at life for having a hedgehog pet. The skinny one in the pictures is hers.

Also, lately my music listening habits have been incredibly bizarre. Since WMP 11 has ridiculously fast searching, my playlists have been the results for random searches. Two days ago I had "wee" and "lie", yesterday I had "truth" and now I have "like."
You should totally give me random suggestions about playlists.
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Ok, random things...
I'm rather excited about my dorm room now, after obsessively looking it up. I feel rather tempted to facebook the previous inhabitant. Hurray East Campus!
Also, I had a bizarre surge of MIT excitement yesterday night. Well, really today morning, as I've been making a habit of going to sleep at 6am. So the worst thing about sleeping when the sun rises is that you don't really want to go to sleep, but you know you must because otherwise your dad will find you awake and yell and also you'll be tired in the afternoon and so you try to go to sleep. And I haven't had a surge of excitement since I GOT IN, which was, you know, wildly exciting because I really wasn't expecting it and I wanted it so badly. It's really strange to get something you want that badly.
But you know, everybody has been asking, are you excited about college? And sometimes I say yes, but when I'm being honest, I usually reply with, "No, not yet. I'm rather enjoying indolence." Which makes me wonder... If it was possible to live a life of perpetual sloth and not go to MIT and not have to worry about my financial well-being, would I do it? I mean, I don't think I need human contact that badly, and a life of guaranteed sloth is quite appealing. But would I die of intellectual deprivation?
I honestly don't know the answer, but I'm hoping I'd go for the "work my ass off at college, but have fun anyway" route. Oooff, responsibility. What a burden.
Also, my mom, also being obsessive, called the school and got my IB PIN for me, so I now have my IB scores. And um. The strangest thing happened.
I got a five in psych. This would be Standard Level Psychology, which I've expected a seven in since like, first semester junior year when Ms. Morrison told me nonchalantly, "You'll be one of my sevens." So now I want to know, what crack is being smoked and by whom and can I get some?
Seriously. It's so absurd that I'm not even upset or disappointed, because it's like... I don't know, finding a purple cat in your closet. Bothersome, maybe, and totally fucked up, but ultimately great entertainment.
Ok, now I really want a purple cat.
Also, I've rediscovered the Thrills, who are perfect for the kind of mood I'm in right now.
Really. They're these Irish kids who sing like they're from Southern California. And they have these happy songs that are actually really depressing, kind of like Rilo Kiley or Eisley.
Also, Crystal CUT HER HAIR. And she looks incredibly hot and I think I may have to jump her when we have dinner tonight. So, apologies in advance, I CANNOT CONTROL MY LUST.
Seriously, I have a major girls-with-short-hair thing. You want to get in my pants? Cut your hair.
Finally. Even though I may move to California because it seems to be a the only sane place in the US (and yes, the rest are insane), it's always good to know that Europe is awesome and also has embryonic stem-cell research. On that topic, you should probably read this editorial, which rather awesomely explains the false dilemma that is embryonic stem cell research.
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I would just like to reiterate Crystal's coolness again.
She was totally right about the band Eisley, they rock like none other. Well, they're pretty awesome. Well! Go check them out.
Uploaded just for you, Lost at Sea (remix) from the album Room Noises.
Also, I watched SGA 302, and cut for spoilers and incoherent rambling )
Also, OMG I'm listening to country music. Alas, Neko Case. But they're quite good.


Jul. 23rd, 2006 05:03 pm
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Oh, it has just come to my attention that I have not told everybody in the world to get a account. I hope I can compensate for this by telling you all now.
But! Get one if you don't have one already! And add me, I'm impied.
For those of you who don't know, is this music site that basically collects data about your music listening habits and then recommends stuff. Also, you can do cool things like join groups etc, but me, I'm a sucker for obsessively collecting statistics.
They call it a "social music revolution," so if that sounds more exciting to you than "excessive data on your music listening habits", please go join. Really. It runs in the background and everything.
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Hm... this is sort of like [ profile] minervacat 's songs to wake up to, but as my waking up music usually consists of listening to music on my iRiver in the car, I'm more of an "Albums to Wake Up To" kind of girl.

1. Sing Loud, Sing Proud by the Dropkick Murphys. Because waking up at six am was unnatural when we used to live in Pasig City, and listening to Which Side Are You On? made me feel sufficiently socialist for the day.

2. Drunken Lullabies, by Flogging Molly. For the same reason, also because I have a ridiculous amount of love for the song What's Left of the Flag for Me. Are we seeing a trend with liking songs about causes I'm too cynical to believe in in real life?

3. Plans, by Death Cab for Cutie. After we moved to Dasma, my morning music became more of the depressing pop kind. I think it signaled a change in my temperament. But my favorite song on the album is probably Someday You Will be Loved, becaue it's wonderfully sad.

4. More Adventurous, by Rilo Kiley. I love Jenny Lewis. And there is a lot to be said for depressing pop music. A bit morbid that my favorite song is Accidntel Deth, but I love it anyway.

5. Rabbit Fur Coat, by Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins. Mostly because this is the most awesome album ever, and listening to it makes me feel bizarrely and inexplicably evil. I'm going to say You Are What You Love is my favorite song on the album.
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1. The Dresden Dolls album Yes, Virginia  really grows on you. I despised it when I first heard it, but I swear I listened to it for like, three hours yesterday. I love especially the songs "My Alcoholic Friends", "Mandy goes to Med School" (pure brilliance, read the lyrics) and "Dirty Business." Really, wonderfully dark and twisted and SO MUCH FUN. Oh, and Amanda Palmer keeps a blog. It's full of long meandering entries on life and quite an emotional ride.

2. On the topic of music, I was listening to "That's No Way to Say Goodbye" by Leonard Cohen yesterday. And I know, normally I'm very cynical, but it has got to be one of the best love songs ever. The lines Walk me to the corner, our steps will always rhyme will never stop being awesome. And heartbreaking. Anyway, go read the lyrics, and then download it.

3. There is a very small pink thing where my TB test was injected. It looks nothing like a mosquito bite and does not itch but then again the doctor told me that it would sting when he injected me, so it's safe to say that pediatricians tend to exaggerate abuot what positive results look like.
And to that tiny pink spot that looks nothing like the huge swollen mosquito bites I get, I say: afjdasl;fka!!ad;flkjas!
I really don't want to get a chest exam, but oh well.

4. Oil prices are $78/barrell. WTF? When did this happen? Also, WTF Israeli Army? Stop it, OMG!
Neither side has a reputation for listening to sense, so maybe netspeak will work. Nah.


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