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This is so cute eep!

Moar Cute:

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True love blooms on the Obama economic team. Oh, Summers/Geithner.
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But seriously, this is epic fail.
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Apparently, I think monetary policy is super exciting. I even went to Macroeconomics lecture for the second time in my life. It was pretty cool.

Is this normal? Possibly I'm in the wrong field. :/

Somewhat but not really related- you know the tax system is too complicated when politicians AND lawyers can't do it correctly. PALIN TAX FAIL.
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(If you are at all a BSG fan, check out the link for more awesome than you can handle)
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Challenging the conventional wisdom. Read it- it's long but very thoughtful and interesting.


Mar. 31st, 2008 04:09 pm
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McCain apparently never worried about AIDS.
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I've just watched the Republican New Hampshire debates...

  • Huckabee is very eloquent. He's an excellent politician- even when he's saying silly things he sounds good.
  • McCain needs to get his act together re: immigration. He and Guiliani have very similar stances, and both have come under attack, but while McCain implodes, Guiliani says things like, come on kids, (1)it's pretty close to impossible to deport 12 million illegal immigrants, and (2) sometimes we have to be humane and not do shit like deport schoolchildren.
  • Fred Thompson seems rather irrelevant.
  • Ron Paul seems a bit insane at times.
    • While his point about US foreign policy causing terrorism is at least partly true, it's things like the "Israel is cool, bitches" part of the foreign policy, not the "we like to kill the chillunz!" part.
    • The reason health insurance is so expensive is not only inflation. Despite his tendency to rattle on about basic economics, he doesn't seemed to have covered the "Reasons for Market Failure" part of the textbook. And he's a doctor too.
  • I'm not sure how I feel about Mitt Romney. On one hand, I kind of like his idea of "take less money from peeps, and then tell them to plx be spending that money on health insurance." It seems slightly more efficient. On the other hand, I think he may <3 such nonsense as Guantanamo.
  • I really need to know where all of these peeps stand on civil liberties. And the general power of the executive. I'm going to be severely disappointed if the only person who actually agrees with me (vaguely) is Ron Paul.
But quite good overall. Not quite A+++ would watch again, but a good use of time. Now to watch the Democrats, and not kill myself listening to Edwards talk...
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Bhuttos-- :(
What a sad day.

Also, see this lovely piece about commas. And the right to bear arms.
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Erik Fogg is adorable. In a bad-ass, war-bloggy, knowledgeable way.

Speaking of debaters who are awesome, here is Dan Rauch's blog. It contains the most awesome captions for entirely serious political blog entries, such as this one about the Republican presidential debates featuring Ron Paul with the caption "Don't. Use. Meth." Or this wondrous entry on the logic of having a drinking age of 21.
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From Slate, I give you Craft the Vote.
Or, How Aspiring Presidential Candidates can Capitalize on the Craftperson Vote.

Take for example, the Homeland Security Blanket:

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So. Much. Win.
Gordon Brown v. Terrorists in Dungeons and Dragons, for the win. A small selection:
The GM says, "To get back to reality, guys, Gordon needs to roll for damage. Roll three D20s."

"Yes! Yes! Total of four, you terrorist bastards! Hah, see what you get for attacking the British lion!"

Rove consults a chart. "Sorry, boys, your Mercedes car bombs don't make it. One gets towed, and the other is discovered and disarmed. But the SUV. . . ."

Terrorists hold their breath.

"The SUV doesn't explode on impact, and when you set it on fire, you're caught and arrested. Now roll for damages from the flames."
Oh, Gordon Brown.


Feb. 22nd, 2007 12:22 pm
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Sharmin: dude, I'm still listed as libertarian on facebook
Sharmin: [giggles]
Michelle: still? was it a joke one time?
Sharmin: well
Sharmin: I don't think I'm sufficiently passionate about any political ideology for it NOT to be a joke for me to profess allegiance
Michelle: fair enough
Sharmin: also, libertarians are adorable
Michelle: hehe. like angry kittens

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So, Deepest Sender has taken it's own pretty time getting set up, OMG. Seriously, it's on version 0.7.7 now and I had to go all the way down to version 0.6.5 (which I had before) to get something that would install and NOT crash mozilla.
I was going to explain about how my 30 hour trip to Charlotte North Carolina (omg!) was actually not that bad, except for the bit where we were in La Guardia Airport and it was gross and all the food had copious amounts of oil or mayonnaise and I wanted to cry, but whatever.
I am now at my aunt's house, upstairs in my OWN ROOM which is a guest room, with really fast internet and my VERY SEXY LAPTOP which I love even though it has only 3 USB slots and no PS2 slots and also DID NOT COME WITH THE WINDOWS XP INSTALLATION CD. I shall complain to IBM about that, because wtf, I payed for XP so I should get a copy.
On the bright side, my aunt and my uncle and my cousin Linus are very cool. Especially my cousin, who at eight years of age is the only pre-adolescent child in the world that I like, probably. He's wonderfully bizarre and charming and by turns incredibly somber and hysterically giggling. Seriously. His current obsession is with surge protectors and various extension cords (he knows more about how to plug my laptop in than I do). He also enjoys taking videos of his feet and photographing sockets.
He used to like vents, before, and he makes me feel vaguely tempted to eventually settle down and have a child in the hope that mine is as entertaining.
Um. I'm going to forget about the wimsical bit of this entry and get to the pop culture reviews.
Ok, I watched Inside Man on the plane, which was the coolest psychological thriller/bank robbery/criminal movie ever. Also, Clive Owen <3. Seriously. Which puts it in that category with Syriana for cool drama like politicalesque thrilling things. I suspect Crash would also be there, but I've yet to watch it alas.
Today, I discovered the randomly cool fact that apparently Chuch Palahnuik is gay from Travis, which Wikipedia confirms. Which makes him even awesomeer for writing a book about sex addiction and choking on food and of course Fight Club.
Speaking of gay writers, I finally read something by David Sedaris, i.e. Me Talk Pretty One Day. It is quite possibly the funniest book ever. Easily the funniest non-fiction book I've ever read. Sedaris has a very healthy appreciation of how fucking absurd the world is, a wacky family and a past involving meth and performance art, so you know, you SHOULD READ IT RIGHT NOW.
Also, today I listened to NPR which made me giggle like none other. I mean, they play news and everything (btw, this Jonbenet shit? Get over yourself, America. It's not important) and eventully they include stuff about events of geopolitican significance...
But they're so lyrical! They speak as if they're writing a war  novel and it's the radio so recorded voices sound fnny and ON TOP OF THAT they have to speak slowly so that people understand. And it's impossible to take it seriously when the construction of every other sentence makes me giggle.
Um. Right. 5 am. must sleep. bye.
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Ok, random things...
I'm rather excited about my dorm room now, after obsessively looking it up. I feel rather tempted to facebook the previous inhabitant. Hurray East Campus!
Also, I had a bizarre surge of MIT excitement yesterday night. Well, really today morning, as I've been making a habit of going to sleep at 6am. So the worst thing about sleeping when the sun rises is that you don't really want to go to sleep, but you know you must because otherwise your dad will find you awake and yell and also you'll be tired in the afternoon and so you try to go to sleep. And I haven't had a surge of excitement since I GOT IN, which was, you know, wildly exciting because I really wasn't expecting it and I wanted it so badly. It's really strange to get something you want that badly.
But you know, everybody has been asking, are you excited about college? And sometimes I say yes, but when I'm being honest, I usually reply with, "No, not yet. I'm rather enjoying indolence." Which makes me wonder... If it was possible to live a life of perpetual sloth and not go to MIT and not have to worry about my financial well-being, would I do it? I mean, I don't think I need human contact that badly, and a life of guaranteed sloth is quite appealing. But would I die of intellectual deprivation?
I honestly don't know the answer, but I'm hoping I'd go for the "work my ass off at college, but have fun anyway" route. Oooff, responsibility. What a burden.
Also, my mom, also being obsessive, called the school and got my IB PIN for me, so I now have my IB scores. And um. The strangest thing happened.
I got a five in psych. This would be Standard Level Psychology, which I've expected a seven in since like, first semester junior year when Ms. Morrison told me nonchalantly, "You'll be one of my sevens." So now I want to know, what crack is being smoked and by whom and can I get some?
Seriously. It's so absurd that I'm not even upset or disappointed, because it's like... I don't know, finding a purple cat in your closet. Bothersome, maybe, and totally fucked up, but ultimately great entertainment.
Ok, now I really want a purple cat.
Also, I've rediscovered the Thrills, who are perfect for the kind of mood I'm in right now.
Really. They're these Irish kids who sing like they're from Southern California. And they have these happy songs that are actually really depressing, kind of like Rilo Kiley or Eisley.
Also, Crystal CUT HER HAIR. And she looks incredibly hot and I think I may have to jump her when we have dinner tonight. So, apologies in advance, I CANNOT CONTROL MY LUST.
Seriously, I have a major girls-with-short-hair thing. You want to get in my pants? Cut your hair.
Finally. Even though I may move to California because it seems to be a the only sane place in the US (and yes, the rest are insane), it's always good to know that Europe is awesome and also has embryonic stem-cell research. On that topic, you should probably read this editorial, which rather awesomely explains the false dilemma that is embryonic stem cell research.
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There are times when my love for Crystal is just... overwhelming, because she is just such a cool person. So of course, I had one of these moments today when she decided to inform me that the Economist had chosen to "blatantly slash Bush and Koizumi."
The article is called "Don't leave me now" and it's about Koizumi retiring. It also comes with this picture, captioned "Koizumi and Bush in happier times."

It also begins:
With the only world leader to have serenaded him with the Elvis Presley song “I want you, I need you, I love you” retiring in a couple of months, President George Bush may soon feel a bit lonesome. For his friendship with Junichiro Koizumi was based on more than just tender words.
Go read her entry for the full article
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[ profile] nhw pointed this out, and it's pretty cool and rather funny. Not realising the microphone is on, Bush and Blair have a conversation...
I found these two quotes incredibly amusing:
Bush: You’re leaving?
Blair: No, no, no not yet. On this trade thingy...
Bush: You see, the... thing is what they need to do is to get Syria, to get Hezbollah to stop doing this shit and it’s over.
I find it amusing to be reminded that politicians are people. With a penchant for stating the obvious. Edit, again: Here's another version from BBC suggesting that Blair is knitting Bush sweaters.
Also! I watched the first episode of Stargate: Atlantis season three today!
For those of you who watch the show, let me just say how much I love Michael. He's the most awesome ever, and I truly believe that he and Teyla have this epic, star-crossed, angst-filled love ahead of them.
But you know, in light of the last episode, John and Michael might have something going, too. Just saying. And [ profile] volari wrote this rather awesome piece which is just a bit slashy about it.
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1. The Dresden Dolls album Yes, Virginia  really grows on you. I despised it when I first heard it, but I swear I listened to it for like, three hours yesterday. I love especially the songs "My Alcoholic Friends", "Mandy goes to Med School" (pure brilliance, read the lyrics) and "Dirty Business." Really, wonderfully dark and twisted and SO MUCH FUN. Oh, and Amanda Palmer keeps a blog. It's full of long meandering entries on life and quite an emotional ride.

2. On the topic of music, I was listening to "That's No Way to Say Goodbye" by Leonard Cohen yesterday. And I know, normally I'm very cynical, but it has got to be one of the best love songs ever. The lines Walk me to the corner, our steps will always rhyme will never stop being awesome. And heartbreaking. Anyway, go read the lyrics, and then download it.

3. There is a very small pink thing where my TB test was injected. It looks nothing like a mosquito bite and does not itch but then again the doctor told me that it would sting when he injected me, so it's safe to say that pediatricians tend to exaggerate abuot what positive results look like.
And to that tiny pink spot that looks nothing like the huge swollen mosquito bites I get, I say: afjdasl;fka!!ad;flkjas!
I really don't want to get a chest exam, but oh well.

4. Oil prices are $78/barrell. WTF? When did this happen? Also, WTF Israeli Army? Stop it, OMG!
Neither side has a reputation for listening to sense, so maybe netspeak will work. Nah.
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From [ profile] autopope : Ann Coulter vs Hitler.
I got 11/14 right, mostly by guesswork, which beats [ profile] autopope's 8/14. Try it yourself!
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OK, so I am back from Australia. And I suppose I have many things to say, most importantly that it was cold  there and now I'm sick.
I'll give a real entry later, about music, movies, books (OMG), accents and immigrants. And Australia, I suppose, and my fear of foraging for food. And I still have to finish my "Doctor Who's Gay Agenda" entry.
Go read this article on Sex and Scandal at Duke in Rolling Stone, and then this response by a Duke blogger. Depressing. And rather interesting.
Also, I'm apparently hopeless on politics. I answered "Liberal" and "other" to Niyatee's question... and then explained in the comments, ruminated about SwedenBangladesh and India before Keri and I decided that absurdism does not go well with politics.
So next time you ask me about my politcal views, I'll scoff and declare myself an absurdist.


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