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As a follow up to this, I am updating to inform you that people do naturally walk in circles!
Six walkers forged through a flat, forested region of Germany. Three trekked through the Sahara desert in southern Tunisia. (A sand storm stopped further testing in the desert). All walkers wore GPS receivers so that the researchers could analyze their routes.

The results, published today in the journal Current Biology, showed that no matter how hard people tried to walk in a straight line, they often ended up going in circles without ever realizing that they were crossing their own paths.
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from [ profile] tdj...

E.coli is awesome and evolves to eat citrate! Also, gotta love the petri stacking video. Go forth! Witness evolution!
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Sort of but not really related to Valentines Day-
I feel something of an overwhelming love for non-ideal gases. Virial expansions! Van der Waals! OMG critical points!

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It was six degrees outside when I woke up today.
It was eighteen yesterday. Take that as you will.
Also, first Swedish astronaut!
I'm disturbed that the news story about Tom Cruise going to Italy to marry Katie Holmes is more popular than the story about how the Sudanese government has restarted its attacks on Darfur.
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So, my new scientific calculator is the most gratuitous thing ever. I love it already.
Also, hurray for not failing Chem because I can't use TI scientific calculators!

Edit: In other geek news, I just had a math lecture about Green's Theorem for flux. Two things: (1) Curl and divergence make so much more sense when you think of them as del cross F and del dot F, and (2) Maxwell's equations MAKE INFINITELY MORE SENSE in terms of curl and divergence. Seriously. It's kind of blowing my mind how my physics and math class have suddenly decided to converge and thus result in Maxwell's equations ACTUALLY MAKING SENSE.
Erm, for those of you who understood like, none of that, wait till you take Multivariable Calc and E&M, and then you will see what I mean and it will BLOW YOU AWAY.
Edit, again: Dude, my brother has a Facebook. <3
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So, things of note...
Iron Maiden yesterday. Fucking awesome. Totally epic.
They're about 100 times better live than they are on their CD's. I mean, their music is fun but not that amazing but their concerts ROCK SO HARD OMG.
Today, Museum of Science with my advisor, associate advisor, Lindley (a girl in my advising group) and Ira. Who's not in my advising group, but Prof. Alexandre said bring a friend, so I invited him, and introduced him by saying, "This is Ira. He's my plus one. Is that alright?"
Unfortunately, none involved were Doctor Who fans, but I squeed madly on the inside, so that is all that matters.
Um, the Body Worlds exhibit was pretty awesome. You should go see it. It made me very pensive.
Also, we saw The Beatles Laser Light Show, which was fun, and ate ice-cream on Main St. Oh, and Ira had a fourteen dollar salad on the Institute.
Oh, and I got Outlook to display dates in a sane format, ie D/M/Y. However, I'm still confused by the ground floor being the first floor and everytime I go to 4th HNC in Senior House, I want to go up an extra floor.
Um... now I'm off to the Epic Party, I may also stop by 4E...
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Go see for yourself.

Edit... Um, if you feel really awful, go check out pretty Japanese boys, courtesy [ profile] dangermousie.
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Hurray, Pluto and its three moons:

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Ok, random things...
I'm rather excited about my dorm room now, after obsessively looking it up. I feel rather tempted to facebook the previous inhabitant. Hurray East Campus!
Also, I had a bizarre surge of MIT excitement yesterday night. Well, really today morning, as I've been making a habit of going to sleep at 6am. So the worst thing about sleeping when the sun rises is that you don't really want to go to sleep, but you know you must because otherwise your dad will find you awake and yell and also you'll be tired in the afternoon and so you try to go to sleep. And I haven't had a surge of excitement since I GOT IN, which was, you know, wildly exciting because I really wasn't expecting it and I wanted it so badly. It's really strange to get something you want that badly.
But you know, everybody has been asking, are you excited about college? And sometimes I say yes, but when I'm being honest, I usually reply with, "No, not yet. I'm rather enjoying indolence." Which makes me wonder... If it was possible to live a life of perpetual sloth and not go to MIT and not have to worry about my financial well-being, would I do it? I mean, I don't think I need human contact that badly, and a life of guaranteed sloth is quite appealing. But would I die of intellectual deprivation?
I honestly don't know the answer, but I'm hoping I'd go for the "work my ass off at college, but have fun anyway" route. Oooff, responsibility. What a burden.
Also, my mom, also being obsessive, called the school and got my IB PIN for me, so I now have my IB scores. And um. The strangest thing happened.
I got a five in psych. This would be Standard Level Psychology, which I've expected a seven in since like, first semester junior year when Ms. Morrison told me nonchalantly, "You'll be one of my sevens." So now I want to know, what crack is being smoked and by whom and can I get some?
Seriously. It's so absurd that I'm not even upset or disappointed, because it's like... I don't know, finding a purple cat in your closet. Bothersome, maybe, and totally fucked up, but ultimately great entertainment.
Ok, now I really want a purple cat.
Also, I've rediscovered the Thrills, who are perfect for the kind of mood I'm in right now.
Really. They're these Irish kids who sing like they're from Southern California. And they have these happy songs that are actually really depressing, kind of like Rilo Kiley or Eisley.
Also, Crystal CUT HER HAIR. And she looks incredibly hot and I think I may have to jump her when we have dinner tonight. So, apologies in advance, I CANNOT CONTROL MY LUST.
Seriously, I have a major girls-with-short-hair thing. You want to get in my pants? Cut your hair.
Finally. Even though I may move to California because it seems to be a the only sane place in the US (and yes, the rest are insane), it's always good to know that Europe is awesome and also has embryonic stem-cell research. On that topic, you should probably read this editorial, which rather awesomely explains the false dilemma that is embryonic stem cell research.
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This is why I want to be an aerospace engineer.
Really, I should be studying astronomy, but whatever.
Speaking of eyecandy, I watched Sleepy Hallow at Tess' today, which was lots of fun and had a very pretty girl!Johnny Depp in it. Also, had a tea party (fun!) and I stole Katie's camera and took pictures of her, Tess, Crystal and Steffi. Oh, how I want you, Rebel XT.
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How very cool.

Oh, and other cool news: One of the MIT admissions officers, Ben Jones sings. Really well actually. You should check out his soft-alternative-rock-like music.


Apr. 5th, 2006 10:57 pm
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Remember Deep Impact?
Well, the results are out and it seems that comets have  ice water on them.
Here are explosion pictures, you pyros.

From the BBC article:
Swift's X-ray Telescope (XRT) saw the comet continue to release water for some 13 days after the initial event, with a peak five days on from the collision.
X-rays provide a direct measurement of the colossal amount of water thrown out as a result of the impact - the Earth-equivalent volume of about 100 Olympic-sized swimming pools.
Isn't it cool? BBC also has the impact in pictures and an animated guide!
Universe Today also has the story.
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I'm a bit confused about why everybody is so preoccupied about the fact that prayer does not help heart problems. I mean, even if it did, I don't think beginning to pray because of heart problems would be sincere enough to have an effect.
Still. Never let it be said that I haven't jumped on the bandwagon and linked to the article.
Also, I have a google page, but I have yet do do anything with it. Google Pages isn't actually that good, but if you want 100 MB free hosting, go get one.
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So, fast rockets.
And cool engines.

From BBC:
A new jet engine designed to fly at seven times the speed of sound appears to have been successfully tested ...The scientists had just six seconds to monitor its performance before the £1m engine crashed into the ground. Rachel Owen, a researcher from UK defence firm QinetiQ, which designed the scramjet, said it looked like everything had gone according to plan. The vehicle had followed a "nominal trajectory" and landed 400km down the range, Ms Owen said. A scramjet - or supersonic combustion ramjet - is mechanically very simple. It has no moving parts and takes all of the oxygen it needs to burn hydrogen fuel from the air.

Also, randomly, Gabe has a blog. How cute!
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The things beetles do to avoid bad sex. Seriously. Evolution fueled by the need to avoid bad sex. Now all we need is some sort of adaptation to, you know, eliminate the missionary position.
From the article:
Diving beetles engage in such exhausting, uncomfortable sex that these insects have actually evolved two different types of females, as well as unusual variations among males, according to a new study.
The find adds to the growing body of evidence that sexual conflict between males and females influences evolution. In many cases, individuals over time develop characteristics that are appealing to the opposite sex. For diving beetles, however, researchers believe females have tried to avoid the painful sex for so long that some have actually evolved a feature that enables them to spurn most suitors.
Yep. Useful, I usppose.
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How to blow shit up spectacularly with liquid nitrogen.

The tanks, and some random liquid nitrogen

Right, so how this works is that liquid nitrogen wants to be a gas, so pressure builds up. And normally, there's something on the tank that lets you relieve pressure. But one tank at Texas A&M was welded shut... since about 1980...

So here's what happened... )

From [ profile] tdj

Mar. 9th, 2006 03:58 pm
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Why are there so few women in science?
Terry blogs here, and this is what he said:
We're going to ask 180 men and 180 women to rate a scientific paper. The author will be given either a male name, a female name, or gender-neutral initials - the papers are otherwise identical.

Here are the results:
Article reviewed by:John T. McKayJoan T. McKayJ. T. McKay

I am pissed now.

Red Spots!

Mar. 5th, 2006 04:14 pm
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Jupiter has a new Red Spot. It is rather cool. Actually, it was white when it came about in 2000, and now it's turned red.

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Paper V8 Engine! From slashdot.

w00tness, I say.
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Jun sent me this link.  It's rather worrying, especially to those of us who like physics and are getting worried about nobody ELSE liking it.


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