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This was brought on by the terrible quality of the piano app on Microsoft Surface, and how much Firestone would prefer to write a new one rather than doing whatever silly things he is doing for Microsoft right now:
Firestone: you had some piano experience once right?
Firestone: good for education of young children
Sharmin: ages ago, when i was small. i gave up quickly...preferred reading, never practiced
Firestone: haha shame. it used to be in the 19th century that if a lady was to get anywhere in society, she needed to have reasonable piano skills
Sharmin: yes. these days, fellatio is an acceptable alternative
Firestone: i feel like these should not be mutually exclusive. both should be requirements
Sharmin: hahaha
Firestone: though for whatever reason, even if the woman got really good she was rarely allowed to perform in public. it was supposed to be a service for her husband
OH ALSO, back in Cambridge tomorrow!
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A topless coffee shop in a tiny town in Maine burns down. Police say it was arson. The owner is sad, not possessing insurance, and now homeless.

Four questions:
1. Why would somebody burn down an establishment that provides caffeine, sugar, manly chests AND breasts at the same time?
2. Why does a town of 4,500 need a topless coffee shop?
3. Why would somebody who owned a wooden building in which baking surely happened not insure it?
4. What is the markup on coffee for tits?


Aug. 2nd, 2008 03:10 pm
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please please please please go to the supreme court!!!!

In case you are wondering what I'm talking about, it is the fact that the fifth and eleventh circuits have split over whether or not banning dildo sales is unconstitutional. The fifth circuit just denied rehearing, so I'm excited. (Also, I'm amused that the name of the post in the first link is "Banana Split."
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Obscenity trials are silly, but when they use google to determine "contemporary community standards," they result in such wonderful quotes:
“We tried to come up with comparison search terms that would embody typical American values,” Mr. Walters said. “What is more American than apple pie?” But according to the search service, he said, “people are at least as interested in group sex and orgies as they are in apple pie.”
LOLAMAZING Oh, the internets!
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So the numerous discussions Ira and I have had about Orgy Theory eventually prompted me to attempt to make an orgy playlist. Tim Roberts was incredibly helpful and recommended all sorts of sexy music, and now I have a playlist of sorts.
It's not been beta tested very much, so any of you planning to have hot sex, especially within an orgy context, hit me up and I'll provide the music for you so that you can tell me how it goes. I'm serious.

In alphabetical order by artist:

So, it's possible there's too much Franz Ferdinand on that list. Um, suggestions for additions/changes/deletions would be awesome!
But that was a very fun playlist to make, as you can probably tell.


Aug. 28th, 2006 10:54 am
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Haiku2 for sinclair_furie
know you should read some
porn to pass the time as
sleep isn't working
Created by Grahame

How appropriate.
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Hentai. HENTAI.
Dude, Japan is crazy.
Fahad dearest showed me this link after his friends started accusing each other of watching La Blue Girl. I'm really tempted to watch some hentai now, because OMG THE LAUGHTER. OMG THE TENTACLE PORN. For example from the La Blue Girl review:
Miko Mido is the descendant of the most powerful clan of female ninjas. After her grandmother dies, she is left with the heavy task of keeping the clan's status in check, while at the same time keeping the Shikima away from humans. The Shikima are horny demons who feed on the lust and desires of humans. Miko has to engage in sexual duels not only with the Shikima, but with the rival ninja clans as well. Sex battles where the one who "comes" first loses, and the last one to "come" wins. On top of all this, Miko is still struggling through high school... but why is Miko so closely bound to the Shikima?
Er, the links are mostly work safe, it's reviews and whatnot. Read it. And you'll never be the same again.

Um, should hentai be under "movies" or "comics"? I'm putting it as movies because it comes on a DVD, but...
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From truly awesome Jeff ([ profile] qmoog ), I have the following link:
Naked stage role for Potter star Daniel Radcliffe
Radcliffe has starred in four Potter films and is now making a fifth. Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe is to appear on the London stage next year, playing a stable boy who has an erotic relationship with his horses. Richard Griffiths will co-star in the revival of Peter Shaffer's 1973 play Equus, to open in the capital in March.
Fans of Lionel Shriver and the Amazing Kevin will remember that Kevin's drama teacher taught them Equus before her downfall at the hands of the one Kevin Katchadourian.
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OK, so I am back from Australia. And I suppose I have many things to say, most importantly that it was cold  there and now I'm sick.
I'll give a real entry later, about music, movies, books (OMG), accents and immigrants. And Australia, I suppose, and my fear of foraging for food. And I still have to finish my "Doctor Who's Gay Agenda" entry.
Go read this article on Sex and Scandal at Duke in Rolling Stone, and then this response by a Duke blogger. Depressing. And rather interesting.
Also, I'm apparently hopeless on politics. I answered "Liberal" and "other" to Niyatee's question... and then explained in the comments, ruminated about SwedenBangladesh and India before Keri and I decided that absurdism does not go well with politics.
So next time you ask me about my politcal views, I'll scoff and declare myself an absurdist.
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Fahad: My hair has more potential energy than yours.
Sharmin: [giggles]

Also, I've finished IB exams! Speaking of, does anybody have any ideas/suggestions for things I should include in my valedictory address?

Besides that, I've been reading again(often instead of studying)! Hurray. Well
So. Books I've read since good Omens...
Pyramids and Small Gods by Terry Pratchett. They were both very funny, highly enjoyable and followed the usual "protagonist is an ordinary kid put into weird circumstances, there is a conflict, hijinks ensue, the conflict is solved, sort of, and the hero doesn't exactly get the girl but the ending is kind of cute anyway" progression that his novels tend to.
I liked Pyramids better, though. It's about this assassin who is called back to rule his kingdom (which is like Ancient Egypt) because his father died, and it's very cute.
I also read The Inner Circle, by T.C. Boyle on Mr. Bellew's recommedation. It is a really, really interesting book, chronicling the life of a fictional assistant to the great Kinsey. It's mostly about sex, but not in an erotic way. More an exploration of personal motivations and sexuality, as well as relationships. Not the best-written book in the world, but really worth reading.
And finally, I read Darwin's Radio by Greg Bear. It was an interesting book, but not one that I'd recommend. Sort of a biological thriller, and the premise of the book was really good. It was sort of "What if all those lengths of non-coding, sometimes viral DNA in the human genome actually had a function? And what if evolution didn't work quite as we expected?"
It's very technical, but the biology behind it is interesting. The characters were a bit stereotyped and I didn't care too much for them or their rampant heterosexuality (though a novel about the evolution of the human race will involve having children, and therefore heterosexuality) but whatever. It was an ok book, but I liked getting into the "bio" mood.
And now I'm reading The Poisonwood Bible. So far, it's really interesting and quite good, an excellent portrayal of a flawed missionary family in DR Congo. More about it later.

Fahad was just flipping channels, and we came across WWE wrestling for WOMEN. They're in cheerleading outfits. And they shriek, and pull each other's hair, and are incredibly fake. It is disgusting. Oh. God. My brain.

And now he's shown me this incredibly funny rendition of "The Internet is for Porn"  from the musical Avenue Q. It is so funny. Seriously. Warcraft characters.
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[ profile] nhw linked to this incredibly funny piece about the Feng Shui of the Penis by [ profile] scarletdemon .
Those men who wish to "go commando" (wearing no underwear at all) leave themselves "exposed" to negative energy. This can only really be kept at bay by tying a wind-chime on the penis, or constantly facing North.
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[ profile] amanuensis1 has an insight about Harry Potter fandom. As she puts it:
"Hello, and welcome to the HP fandom, where one can request:

Sex in classrooms
Sex with dead people
Traveling through time to get sex
Parseltongue sex

But still add "NO KINK" at the end of the list. ^_^"
Much like the "My fandom warns for het" icon she has. :D


Apr. 8th, 2006 02:39 pm
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So apparently kissing in public in Tangerang, Indonesia  is ok as long as you keep it to five minute make-out sessions.
Actually, I don't mind this rule too much. I mean, it would reduce the number of over-affectionate, saccharine couples I have to watch. (Yes, Frank, I'm talking to you. And Ali. And Paula.) The whole get a room thing.
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The things beetles do to avoid bad sex. Seriously. Evolution fueled by the need to avoid bad sex. Now all we need is some sort of adaptation to, you know, eliminate the missionary position.
From the article:
Diving beetles engage in such exhausting, uncomfortable sex that these insects have actually evolved two different types of females, as well as unusual variations among males, according to a new study.
The find adds to the growing body of evidence that sexual conflict between males and females influences evolution. In many cases, individuals over time develop characteristics that are appealing to the opposite sex. For diving beetles, however, researchers believe females have tried to avoid the painful sex for so long that some have actually evolved a feature that enables them to spurn most suitors.
Yep. Useful, I usppose.
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THIMUN. Awesome. I suppose I'll talk about it if you ask, but it's the kind of experience that's a bit too claustrophobic and inside-jokey to really re-hash. But I did win the Pimping Prize.
Also, I got an offer from Imperial. 7 in Math and Physics,  6 in Chem and 38 overall. Perhaps I will not cavort with hot English guys after all.
And finally... Baby Jesus Butt Plugs. You know you want one.


Oct. 22nd, 2005 04:38 pm
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I got an 82 on the Purity test.
Amazing. I had no idea it would be so low, all things considered. Where did I lose that 18% of purity???
Yuhki says he didn't get an A. I wonder what that means.
Interesting anyway. It is 500 questions, though.
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Interesting fact:
In the Philippines, the age of consent for heterosexual activity is 12 for males and 18 for females.
That's right, ladies. Next time you decide to consummate your lust for that sixth grader, remember that under Philippine law, that little bastard who probably can't even get it up is raping you.
At least it is 18 across the board for homosexual activities.
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FBI agents paid to surf for deviant Internet porn:

If content or expression is well within accepted community standards or it has intrinsic value, it does not constitute criminal obscenity. According to an electronic memo from FBI headquarters, established legal precedents indicate that conviction is most likely in cases where the content "includes bestiality, urination, defecation, as well as sadistic and masochistic behavior."

[Thinks for a moment on the Creepier parts of Harry Potter Fanfic] Well, so much for my Harry/Basilisk/Fawkes OT3.
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"I totally messed up that test. Atkinson hates me now. He won't look at me the same way anymore. I'm like a leper- he won't touch me." Pause. "Ah, not that I want him to touch me."
-Wei Wern Ooi, lamenting his math test

-Crystal Huang, upon reading the above quote

[pushes all thoughts of Wei Wern/Mr. Atkinson slash out of her head] No. The Fan Club does not do fanfiction.

"The only way to behave to a woman is to make love to her, if she is pretty, and to some one else, if she is plain."
-Algernon in The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde

Alas, I wish Oscar Wilde was still alive so that I could make mad love to him for being OHMYGOD such a genius.

"Some couples use codewords for sex. The word sex may have negative or painful connotations. For example you might say, 'It's a really clear and sunny day today. Let's go...' and she'll say 'Sailing?' If sailing is your code word, then a full course meal could be a 'cruise'."
-Mars and Venus in the Bedroom
"Oh my god we have pornographic literature in our house!!!" [laughter] "I'm so going to read this."
-Fahad, upon finding the book, and reading exactly when you should touch a woman between her legs.

I'm not sure how that book ended up in our house. My mom probably got it from some used book fair when she got the other assorted Mars and Venus books. I doubt she's read it- too prudish. And now he's found The Convenient Marriage by Georgette Heyer. Ah Regency Romances. Of superior quality to Mills & Boons, of which I have not managed to read more than two pages before puking. I've actually read two Georgette Heyers on my mother's recommendation, but she overuses the exact same plot. Hehehehe.


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