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This is so cute eep!

Moar Cute:

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I think it says a lot about Adam that this is his favorite music video (Watch it! It is is so silly and happy!). And also, the shark is currently his favorite rapper.

I ♥ my dorktastic boyfriend.

The Master

Nov. 20th, 2008 06:50 pm
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Stephen Colbert interviews Paul Simon (<3!)
Colbert: If you were going to write, like, a protest folk song now about the credit crisis, could you... Do you think you could rhyme "credit default swap"? Or "negotiable"?
Simon: Unsociable.
Colbert: Ooh, that's not bad! You are the master.
SO MUCH LOVE (it's at 15:33). There's also Stephen's beef about some of Paul Simon's lyrics, like what was Julio doing down by the schoolyard anyway?
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Greg Mankiw linked to this, guys. SO MUCH <3
(no srsly. checks it out)
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Amanda Palmer's cover of "I Google You" courtesy Neil Gaimain:

Lyrics )
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I've just watched the Republican New Hampshire debates...

  • Huckabee is very eloquent. He's an excellent politician- even when he's saying silly things he sounds good.
  • McCain needs to get his act together re: immigration. He and Guiliani have very similar stances, and both have come under attack, but while McCain implodes, Guiliani says things like, come on kids, (1)it's pretty close to impossible to deport 12 million illegal immigrants, and (2) sometimes we have to be humane and not do shit like deport schoolchildren.
  • Fred Thompson seems rather irrelevant.
  • Ron Paul seems a bit insane at times.
    • While his point about US foreign policy causing terrorism is at least partly true, it's things like the "Israel is cool, bitches" part of the foreign policy, not the "we like to kill the chillunz!" part.
    • The reason health insurance is so expensive is not only inflation. Despite his tendency to rattle on about basic economics, he doesn't seemed to have covered the "Reasons for Market Failure" part of the textbook. And he's a doctor too.
  • I'm not sure how I feel about Mitt Romney. On one hand, I kind of like his idea of "take less money from peeps, and then tell them to plx be spending that money on health insurance." It seems slightly more efficient. On the other hand, I think he may <3 such nonsense as Guantanamo.
  • I really need to know where all of these peeps stand on civil liberties. And the general power of the executive. I'm going to be severely disappointed if the only person who actually agrees with me (vaguely) is Ron Paul.
But quite good overall. Not quite A+++ would watch again, but a good use of time. Now to watch the Democrats, and not kill myself listening to Edwards talk...
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Check us out, we're so badass. Seriously. MIT rituals: endangering helpful citizens since 1861.
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Remember what I was talking about just a few days ago? [ profile] katranna just linked to video, as did Neil Gaiman's web elf.



Jul. 10th, 2007 09:16 pm
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Seriously, what an inspired idea. Wasteful, but so hilarious.
Also, on the recommendations of [ profile] steffi_sy and [ profile] razorsmile I watched the pilot episode of Dexter. Dexter Morgan is totally my tv-boyfriend.
Those of you surprised by this declaration should really get to know me better.
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Hey Forbes, this should make you happy:
Carnegie Mellon Researchers Develop New Type of Mobile Robot That Balances and Moves on a Ball Instead of Legs or Wheels
(longest headline ever, omg)
Carnegie Mellon University researchers have developed a new type of mobile robot that balances on a ball instead of legs or wheels. "Ballbot" is a self-contained, battery-operated, omnidirectional robot that balances dynamically on a single urethane-coated metal sphere. It weighs 95 pounds and is the approximate height and width of a person. Because of its long, thin shape and ability to maneuver in tight spaces, it has the potential to function better than current robots can in environments with people.

There's video too, scroll down to the bottom of the ballbot's webpage.
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So, I know I said I'd write about Australia and whatnot, but I'm failing to be inspired.
My cousins are visiting, though. Very soon there will be twelve people living in my house, plus the maids. You know the bit where I don't like crowds? Yeah. Not fun.
Ok, I will begin by showing this incredibly funny video Fahad showed me. Behold the Flying Car.
Choice exerpts:
"It's times like these that it occurs to me that we were lied to by The Jetsons. According to that show we were supposed to be pooling around in flying cars by now."
"See? You're what's wrong with this country! Hell, what's wrong with the world! You're always thinking about your own comfort level, never thinking about the rest of us."
Ok, now on to the arts and entertainment section.
First, books.
Ok, Mirror Mirror by Gregory Maguire. Tess gave it to me as part of the Tess Thomspon Award... It's sort of the retold story of Snow White. I have a thing for retelling fairy tales... I really enjoyed Francesca Lea Block's The Rose and the Beast. And Mirror Mirror did not disappoint. It's fascinating, just the right combination of creepiness, mundane grossness and fairy tale atmosphere. And the way the history is weaved in is fascinating. A good read.
And then, We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver. Recommended by Mr. Bellew... and WOW. It's an amazing book. It's about the upbringing of one Kevin Katchadourian, a 16 year old boy who kills nine of his classmates. It's told from the point of view of his mother, Eva, in the form of letters to her estranged husband.
Honestly, it may upset you and it's sort of a psychological drama, but even when I began reading it I couldn't stop myself from putting it down and thinking, "Wow, she's got it exactly right." It deals with a lot of issues- parenthood, American (lack of) culture, the Big Question, motherhood and working and really, it's become my Bible. And then ending will kill you.
I'll confess, I have this weird fascination with sociopaths, so that may have contributed to my incredible love for the book, but really, it's amazing. Go read.
Ok, now TV.
Right, I've been watching Stargate: Atlantis after wading through former Smallville fandom giants' journals. I started by reading fannish stuff, and then decided that the show sounded cool, and watched a few episodes... and the rest is history. I'm now about halfway through second season, and it's loads of fun.
And also, this is kind of embarassing, but after the obsessions of [personal profile] dangermousie I decided to try out Veronica Mars, and um. It's loads of fun and I really like it.
So, I've lost my right to be snobby about teenage drama to a certain extent, but to its credit, Veronica Mars is far more complex and realistic than your average teenage drama show. And anyway it's more of a detective mystery show anyway.
And Veronica is really, really hot. Like. Hot.
Ok, I was going to talk about music too, but um. This entry is long enough. Maybe later.
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Fahad: My hair has more potential energy than yours.
Sharmin: [giggles]

Also, I've finished IB exams! Speaking of, does anybody have any ideas/suggestions for things I should include in my valedictory address?

Besides that, I've been reading again(often instead of studying)! Hurray. Well
So. Books I've read since good Omens...
Pyramids and Small Gods by Terry Pratchett. They were both very funny, highly enjoyable and followed the usual "protagonist is an ordinary kid put into weird circumstances, there is a conflict, hijinks ensue, the conflict is solved, sort of, and the hero doesn't exactly get the girl but the ending is kind of cute anyway" progression that his novels tend to.
I liked Pyramids better, though. It's about this assassin who is called back to rule his kingdom (which is like Ancient Egypt) because his father died, and it's very cute.
I also read The Inner Circle, by T.C. Boyle on Mr. Bellew's recommedation. It is a really, really interesting book, chronicling the life of a fictional assistant to the great Kinsey. It's mostly about sex, but not in an erotic way. More an exploration of personal motivations and sexuality, as well as relationships. Not the best-written book in the world, but really worth reading.
And finally, I read Darwin's Radio by Greg Bear. It was an interesting book, but not one that I'd recommend. Sort of a biological thriller, and the premise of the book was really good. It was sort of "What if all those lengths of non-coding, sometimes viral DNA in the human genome actually had a function? And what if evolution didn't work quite as we expected?"
It's very technical, but the biology behind it is interesting. The characters were a bit stereotyped and I didn't care too much for them or their rampant heterosexuality (though a novel about the evolution of the human race will involve having children, and therefore heterosexuality) but whatever. It was an ok book, but I liked getting into the "bio" mood.
And now I'm reading The Poisonwood Bible. So far, it's really interesting and quite good, an excellent portrayal of a flawed missionary family in DR Congo. More about it later.

Fahad was just flipping channels, and we came across WWE wrestling for WOMEN. They're in cheerleading outfits. And they shriek, and pull each other's hair, and are incredibly fake. It is disgusting. Oh. God. My brain.

And now he's shown me this incredibly funny rendition of "The Internet is for Porn"  from the musical Avenue Q. It is so funny. Seriously. Warcraft characters.
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1. My mother's website is finally up. Finally. Which means she can fulfill her great goal of being googled. Or google-able. (Though a word to the wise- it is image heavy, as she is an artist...)
2. IB exams start tomorrow. My dad wants me to sleep at 11. And all I can think about is cake.
3. The Titanic has a sequel. No, really. Titanic Two: The Surface, or Jack's Back. It is possibly the funniest thing ever, and you must go check it out. Now.
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[ profile] wr0m showed this to me.
Killer CD throwing robots. And part two.

Bow to the powers of evil!


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