Jan. 15th, 2009

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So, the yesterday I was talking to Firestone and I made a joke about the homoerotic undertones in The Fountainhead. He was fairly surprised to hear about this, until I linked him to the Facebook group. There's a small but convincing list of quotes there, which inspired me to acquire an e-book and see what I could find.

After randomly turning to a page revealed a slashy exchange between Roark and Cameron, I was kind of inspired to reread the whole thing. But I ignored all the monologues and masturbatory posturing and focused, you know, the Objvectivist equivalent of the dirty bits. I have to say, I have a much better understanding at the age of twenty than I did when I was 15 of what Dominique meant she wanted Howard to conquer and overpower her and, you know, take her now!

So! For your amusement, a rather ridiculously long list of slashy quotes I found in The Fountainhead.

(What? At one point, Gail and Roark go on a cruise, pointedly leaving behind Gail's beautiful wife, and lounge around yacht naked admiring each other's bodies and professing their love. I am not making this shit up)

Roark/Cameron )

Roark/Keating )

Keating/Francon )

Keating/Toohey )

Roark/Mallory )

Roark/Heller )

Roark/Wynand )


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