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Alright, this is a series of unrelated sketches. I'm really fond of these, actually. I'm not sure why.

Girls' Night Out )

The Sweetest Goodbye )

Breakfast of Champions )

I am the fire that burns within (sort of a sequel to Girls' Night Out) )

Where Does the Time Go? )

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I remember when I used to post fiction regularly. That was when I was a Xangan, not this weird dual citizenship of Xangan and LJer. (Who comes up with these names, anyway?)
And I realized that for record keeping purposes I should at least take the fiction I wrote on Xanga and save it on my computer. Perhaps post it on my LJ for interested readers...
Ok, so there will be a series of Posts. This is the least interesting of them. And for my own records more than anything. It is two amateurish scifi pieces, and they should be read (if at all) by those interested in seeing how my writing has progressed.

Untitled as of Yet, probably will be forever (lame piece... I'm not very fond of it) )

Portals (Science Fantasy) )
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I know, you guys all thought I'd died and gone away. Or some such nonsense. Well, FYI I don't leave until the 15th for the States. So, the following little... character sketch? character sketches, plural? may not make all that much sense to you if you don't know the inside joke I'm refering to. But anyway, I hope you enjoy!

I have long joked about my (heavily suppressed) inner sadist and inner romantic plotting a coup over tea, but recently I think another character has joined them.

The Arrival )


May. 3rd, 2005 07:03 pm
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Homage to a Friend )
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Well, I've edited it! Fun, eh?
I've added some description, made it more coherent etc, so I you read the new version if you haven't read the old one. It's what I've given Paul. :P

Farewell for Now )
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Well, here is the first draft of the story I was talking about. It's three and a half pages long, be warned .
Farewell for Now )
And for those of you who should be editors, want to be editors, are editors, took a weird fancy to it or just want to give feedback...
feedback ideas )


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